2017 Communications Camp

Welcome to the event of the year!

Greetings first years of UTS! (Everyone else leave this page now, it’s not for you, go on, shoo.)

Are you in need of more friends and good times? Well the UTS Society of Communications has you covered!

The UTSoC First Years Camp is running from the 7th to the 9th of April at the world renowned Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre.

Disclaimer: Might not actually be world renowned

There’s a bit of everything for everyone at First Year Camp. There’ll be sports, campfires, an epic and intense game of trivia, beach trips and all the proclivities that go alongside them. Oh, and of course, good food and plentiful drinks!

First Year Camp is by far, the greatest way to make new friends at UTS. Just think about it, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere for three days, you’re pretty much forced to make buddies, if only with the bush turkeys that roam around the campsite.

An amazing team of UTSoC executives will be running the show, providing food, information, and deep, meaningful lessons on life. 

Still on the fence? You have my personal guarantee that camp is going to be a bloody great time!

- Patrick Tanswell (Communications Camp 2016 Alumni)


The First Year Communications Camp will take place over the 7th - 9th of April, at Broken Bay Sports and Recreation Camp.