The UTS Society of Communications (UTSoC) is a Faculty Club of the University of Technology, Sydney.

Created in 2011 in response to student demand for increased representation, UTSoC seeks to develop a sense of community amongst communication students, and contribute to the collegial atmosphere of UTS. It also aims to create industry links and facilitate work experience opportunities for members. 

Connect. Promote. Unite. 

Connecting students and industry in order to socialise and collaborate. 
Promoting the talents and achievements of members to prospective employers. 
Uniting all the communication disciplines through social events.

UTSoC won ActivateUTS Club of the Year 2015

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UTSoC Committee 2017

President - Viki Gerova
Vice-President - Hannah Black
Secretary - Anna Laurie
Treasurer - Nigel Malcolm

Socials Director - Chloe Marcelino
Marketing Director - Isaac Garcia
Publications Director - Finn Parker
Creative Director - Michelle Xu
Careers Director - Carolina De Martino
Social Justice Director - Linus Faustin
External Relations Director - Bronte Gossling