a strong desire to travel.


There is nothing more appealing to a young adult than leaving their home and exploring the endless sights of the world. Being a full time student with already $10,000 in HECS debt and many more financial struggles to come, it seems that I will never be able to afford that obligatory backpacking trip around Europe.  

For all of you in the same boat, here are some ways to satisfy those feelings of wanderlust without leaving home.


1.     Watch, read and listen

Movies, books and songs are a great way to escape the confinements of Sydney. The trick is you convince your senses you are in a foreign land. Next thing you know, you will see yourself walking cobblestone streets of Paris.


2.     Cook foreign cuisines

One of the best parts of travelling is the food. Yes university students have a reputation for not knowing how to cook, but let us breakdown that stereotype and show that we can boil some pasta, roll a burrito and bake some pie.

If you are really struggling just head to the inner city suburbs, you can always find new and interesting restaurant cuisines there.


3.     Learn a new language

Emerging yourself in a different culture is another one of the pros of travelling. Learning a language is a great way to learn about a culture, and can come in handy if you ever visit a country where it is spoken. Duolingo is a great app for beginners. It is free, addictive and can be played anywhere as long as you have internet (UTS Wi-Fi).


4.     Visit attractions in your own city

Nothing makes you feel more like a tourist than walking across the Harbour Bridge or taking a photo on the steps of the Opera House. However, Sydney has some exotic sites that many locals never explore. The Art Gallery of NSW is great place to go see some Oriental or European art that will definitely make you forget where you are, best of all entry is free. If that is not your thing check out Cafe Con Leche in Surry Hills to enjoy a South American atmosphere. The Colombian café serves cheese in their hot chocolate!

If you still have the strong desire to travel, just hold on to the dream that one day you will win the lotto (gamble responsibly).

by Prachi Parikh