What does an Enchanted Evening look like in & around the realms of UTS?

In an ideal world, every night would be Ball night. With due dates encroaching, we know It’s hard coming to terms with the fact that not every evening will be as enchanting as this year’s Communications Ball. We’ve taken the liberty to put together a list of ‘ingredients’ to quash your pre- and post-Ball misery.

An enchanting evening is not limited to, but must include four things: good food, a magical location, music and great company. Luckily for most of you, Friday 6th October will include all of the above and all of the below. 

Delish Food

We see you, running past Maccas on Broadway to grab a burger and fries for dinner, or even worse... strolling into the Underground and consuming the most nutritious meal of all: a beer.  That’s no way to treat your fragile, post-class body. At least run across the road to Central Park to grab a few dumplings at Din Tai Fung. However, we recommend having a wander with some mates around Haymarket, picking a place and ordering as many dumplings as you can stomach (and afford).  You’ll be sure to get a quick and nutritious feed around campus that’ll make for a post-uni evening (almost) as enchanted as the Ball.

Fab Music

We know most nights in this time on the university season are spent hunching over your laptop, smashing out an essay or five. Why not boost your mood with an enchanting playlist that will get you hyped and ready for the night ahead? We strongly recommend Spotify for pre-made playlists and student discounts (!!!). Share your playlists with friends to get them through their uni assessment misery.

Great Location

The Loft and Underground are our beloved go-tos, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a break from the ones you love. Head over to The Lord Gladstone (or the Gladdy for those who know and love it) for a few drinks and a chat with your mates after a tough day of classes and – cough – studying. Freda’s is a two-minute stroll away if you’re looking for some music and dancing to end the night.

If you’re keen to start a crawl, begin your journey at The Landsdowne on the corner of City Road and Broadway and trek your way up King St and end your night by stumbling onto the train at Newtown Station.

Good Company

At the end of the day, an Enchanted Evening is only magical if you have amazing people to share it with. While we can’t exactly help you make friends pre-ball, we can guarantee you’ll meet a bunch of amazing people this Friday night to share many more Enchanted Evenings with. 

Author: Sam Ross

Sam is a second year Journalism/International Studies student at UTS and a UTSoC Junior Executive. Her notable accomplishments include holding four plates at any one time, creating the perfect skincare routine and eating six Clif bars in one day. She also has an unhealthy (and expensive) obsession with gold jewellery.