I bought my friends (well, kind of); why getting involved in a UTS society was the best decision ever

University students are busy. Between work, classes, social and other commitments, there can be a lot to balance. Therefore most students focus isn’t on joining a society – they consume too much time and effort that could be better used working and/or studying, right? Wrong!

Here are 5 reasons to convince you that joining a UTS society is the best decision you’ll ever make…. well, kind of:


1. Network, Network, Network! 

You know what happens when you make new friends? You build up networks! Meeting new students and creating friendships will all help down the line when you’re looking for that dream job or exciting career opportunity.  As High Musical states, ‘We’re all in this together!’

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2. Practice makes perfect. 

Getting involved in a UTS society based around your degree will give you much needed practical experience within that area of study. As Jenna Price of UTS Journalism famously says ‘Intern, Intern, Intern’, as experience is essential to becoming instantly employable once you graduate. 


3. Too blessed to be stressed.  

Your time at UTS doesn’t have to be all essays and no play. We all know how tough it can be 6 hours into a library marathon, powered by 7/11’s $1 coffee, when all you want is to be assured your social life still exists. Concentrating on weekly readings is obviously important, but taking a break from your studies is necessary. Joining a society like UTSOC and participating in club activities could be your way of relieving study stress. After all, the word studying originally came from two words, ‘student dying’.


4. Looks good on your resume, how bout dat? 

There’s no arguing that participation in a student organization looks good on your resume. From publishing your work to 'The Comma', to attending the Communications First Year Camp, having membership of UTSOC on your resume will show you’re hard working and that your time at uni wasn’t just spent partying…. well, kind of!


5. Team Work makes the Dream Work. 

Societies are a one way ticket to expanding your social group as they attract people with similar interests, meaning close friendships are established faster than a communications student can say ‘it’s lit fam’. Aside from finding friends to venture to the food court with and navigate all 5 levels of the UTS library with, having this ready-made group of friends provides the opportunity to work within a team environment, as knowing how to work well within a team is an essential skill in any job field.


If you want to join a UTS society, click here!

Author: Holly Anderson

Holly Anderson is a second year Journalism/Public Communications student at UTS and a UTSoC Junior Executive. Her accolades include being mistaken for Khloe Kardashian on more than one occasion, surviving the first year of university solely on 7/11's $1 coffees, and being Cosmopolitan Magazine's 2016 'Woman of the Year' (well... in her dreams).