Your Guide to 2017 Summerfest

Cool breezes, rainy day, freak hail storms, AUTUMN IS COMING, and with that the inevitable start of the uni year is upon us.

But never fear, for Summerfest is here!

Okay, I’ll admit that was a little cheesy, but in all honesty, it is time we accept that this is the end of sunshine, lollypops and rainbows (last one I promise).

UTS offers a range of options for those who are not willing to let go of their five months of freedom - 'happy hour' at The Loft is one of them.

But the best and most effective of all is the yearly festival celebrating all things summer.

Unlike last year, where the Alumni Green allowed us to revel in our own version of Woodstock (complete with Snapchat filtered flower crowns), Summerfest will be hosted in three different, but great venues.

The Underground, will host all of UTS’ resident DJs, enabling you to observe and immerse yourself in what UTS’ nightlife is all about: Uni students attempting to forget about their worries by consuming large amounts of alcohol while simultaneously attempting to dance!

'The Underground' is UTS' most versatile bar, and is a 'must visit'.

'The Underground' is UTS' most versatile bar, and is a 'must visit'.

But if the club scene isn’t really your thing you might enjoy a quick walk to The Loft, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by those who have already given up on their degrees and are just chilling, watching the live music and having a nice cold beer.

The last, and most important event of the three, is the silent disco at The Laneway. Now, I don’t know about you, but watching people with massive headphones bobbing around to different beats of music is my kind of entertainment.

Hitting up three venues might seem excessive, but when you put it in perspective, these three are the foundation to start your procrastination for the year - by having a blast.

Between pop-up bars and live entertainment, you’ll meet people from other faculties and even make fast friends with perfect strangers, so what’s the harm in going?

For more information about Summerfest, click here!

Author: Sathsara Radaliyagoda

Sathsara Radaliyagoda is a second year Journalism/International studies student at UTS and a UTSoC Junior Executive. Her accolades include: getting an Oscar from Madame Tussauds, and surviving the first year of UTS journalism. Sathsara also has a completely healthy obsession with dogs.