By Lauren Hunt


Tears cascaded down her red cheeks

She stared at her reflection.

The reflection stared back

A thin outline of bones protruded from her chest

The temple of her body had been corrupted by what they thought

What they perceived

She had lost the right to be unique

The right to believe in herself

The right to believe in what is innately human

Is it Numb and brain-dead skeletons pretending to enjoy themselves?

Follow the leader and you'll remain the same?

Perfectly fragile and hopeless

She had lost the right to being herself







Now just another nobody in the swarms of insecurity that surrounded her

They wanted her to feel like her dreams were insufferable clouds that blocked her vision

A convoluted intangible mess of hate

They wanted her to loathe herself

Because she was an individual

And they weren't


Author: Lauren Hunt

Lauren is a first year bachelor of communications student whose interests include poetry, soccer, puppies