Five adventures I’ve had in Sydney and five more that are to come!

5 things I have already done before my break in Sydney:

1. Realising I needed glasses - There’s nothing quite like being in an Orientation session for Communications when, after sitting there for an hour, realising I couldn't read a single thing that was being displayed on the screen. It might be worth mentioning that I was in the second row. 

2. Ben and Jerry’s free cone day - If there’s one thing university students love it’s free food. Utilising the absence of any ‘Terms and Conditions’ in relation to Ben and Jerry’s Australia-wide Free Cone Day was something that required a surprisingly meagre amount of planning. I lined up many (many) times with a friend who was not hungry, so each trip would automatically result in two ice-cream cones. 

3. The Grounds at Alexandria - Visiting the Grounds during Easter was a surreal experience. I recall standing there in half shock, half disbelief as a life-size rabbit raised an axe above its’ head and proceeded to slice into a 400kg chocolate egg as children cheered. I distantly recall my friend turning to me with confusion etched across their face, shrugging their shoulders in hilarious astonishment as if to say, ‘is this actually happening?’.



4. Locking myself out - There’s nothing quite like locking yourself out of your room when none of your roommates are home, and you’ve come out of the shower in a towel…and you’re due at a team meeting in 20 minutes. Let’s just say it’s handy knowing other people in housing, as I avoided what would've been a very interesting elevator ride.



5. Vivid - My friends and I began our Vivid exploration by joining a large, growing line beneath a glowing sign that beckoned ‘Your journey begins here’. It was only after a significant amount of time had passed that we heard an individual exclaim to her friend that “It’s the line to get your photos printed off!”, after which we left the line with a laugh.

Vivid Festival Sydney, 2017

Vivid Festival Sydney, 2017

5 things I have and plan on doing during my break in Sydney:

1. The beach - Upon relocating to Sydney, I’ve been desperate for a proper swim at one of the countless, breathtaking beaches. But alas, winter has begun and electing a suitable, sunny day seems like an impossible quest.



2. Glebe markets - Of all the markets I have visited, Glebe seems a hotspot for bargains and deals that are hard to beat. I’ve seen stallholders asking for a mere two dollars in exchange for brands like Country Road and American Apparel. One visit, my friend, turned doe-eyed at the sight of a teeny dachshund puppy, only for the dog to subject him to a tirade of aggressive barking and growling. There’s nothing quite like unrequited love.

3. Messina - The ice cream is incredible here, and two beautiful visits to Messina is not nearly enough. However, the only downside is the price - for two scoops here I could easily order four back home in Central NSW for the same price!


4. Zine fair - On multiple occasions, I have visited events which see a multitude of Sydney’s independent artists emerge from behind their desks and workshops to present their work collectively. These talented artists united in the name of creativity for the MCA Zine Fair, of which took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art, much to my immense enjoyment.  It was truly inspiring to hear how passionate these artists were about their work, energetically beginning conversations with fellow art lovers.

MCA Zine Fair 2017

MCA Zine Fair 2017

5. Figuring out how to budget - Because one can only survive so long on tins of tuna, dry Weet-bix and two minute noodles. No matter how good that $11.50 burrito at Mad Mex is, it won’t make up for next weeks’ breakfast consisting entirely of baked beans and canned soup.

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Author: Emma Walls