Thanks for the Tip!

7 things bartenders don’t want you to know they do.

Saving up to escape the Sydney winter? Sick of going out but still want to be apart of the party scene? Like me, many university students spend their weekends behind the bar, pouring drinks rather than drinking them, just to save that extra dollar. Many times, you have to deal with unruly customers, or tourists (got to love them) who chant “more, more, more” as you pour that gin and tonic, not understanding the strict drinking laws in place in Australia. Either way, each shift is a different one, and unless you know the tricks of the trade, there’s a lot of things that go on behind the bar, unnoticed by customers.

So, low and behold, here’s 7 things bartenders do during shifts and would never admit to.... or wouldn’t admit to the boss anyway.

1.    'Tip it, Tip it Good': Keeping Tips to Ourselves.

This one speaks for itself. Yes I can see there is a shared tip jar right there but tbh I get paid about $18 an hour so I could do with the extra dollar or two. And hey, if I’m working hard pouring multiple drinks at a time, why shouldn’t I get more money than the bartender next to me on their phone religiously checking their Instagram feed? A+ for effort, right?

2.     Being tempted to give little to none spirit measure to customers who decide to get uncivil.

Hey, who’s the boss? ME (Well, tonight that is). Waving your cash in my face isn’t going to make me serve you any faster, or at all for that matter. I am getting to you, and if you’re not careful, when I do get to you, that ‘double shot’ vodka, lime and soda will more be like an overflow of soda, a hint of lime, and a smidgen of vodka. So, WATCH IT BUDDY.

3.     Mates Rates.

Mates rates is defined by bartenders as ‘accidentally’ (oops) over pouring spirit shots once, twice, or maybe even three times for good measure to that special someone, not actually giving a discount. Well yeah, we know it’s wrong, however if you get your friends drunk quicker, them keeping you company is one way of making the time go quicker, as shifts tend to drag on. Shhh, don't tell the boss!

4.     'Welcome to my Humble Abode!'Having a little (jokes, long) sit down in the bathroom during shift.

Have you ever tried standing on your feet for an seven-hour shift in worn out black converses you bought back in high school? It's tiring. And girls, sometimes this is your only place to get away from the male customers that ask you out on a dinner date each shift. Thanks, but no thanks.

5.     Pouring drinks for ourselves and sometimes sneakily slipping a bit of alcohol in there for good measure.  

Ah the post-mix gun, a bartender’s saviour. Coke, lemonade? We do a better job when we’re buzzing with a high blood sugar level anyway, so having drinks of our own is a must. And to top it off, sometimes we gotta splash a bit of alcohol in there too. Only when times get tough, though. No harm done. I mean, I don’t think vodka is going to fix my problems, but it’s worth a shot, right? P.s If we stuff up your drink order, you can guarantee where enjoying it in the back after our shift. Did someone say... staffies!

6.     'The bar can stay open, can't it?': Not closing the bar correctly.

The straws don’t need to be refilled and those fridge doors don't really need to be wiped down, do they? That's just being too particular, right? Right.

7.     Calling for last orders that tad bit early, because to be honest, you’ve had enough.    

Well, its currently 2:15am and last drinks are at 2:30am, but hey, all the patrons have had plenty to drink anyways, right? I mean c'mon, don’t these people have homes to go to? Advice to anyone reading this, don’t plead for drinks after closing time, PPPLLEEASSEE!


Written by Holly Anderson.