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Methyl Ethel – Everything is forgotten


Artist: Methyl Ethel 

Artist: Methyl Ethel 

Praise praise praise. If you don't like it, I suggest you close this tab. Right now. Oh where do I even begin. A strong contender for a top 10 Australian album of the year IMO.

Yes. This is somewhat of a belated review, but I just couldn't not review this album. From the ethereal guitar sounds, and synth that transverse each track, it is hard not to enjoy this album. Thoroughly.

FUN FACT: Methyl Ethel’s scientific nuanced moniker is a nod and wink to Jake Webb’s father’s work in fibre glass – made using methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. (source: Northern Transmissions)

Biblical and literary references litter this album. The soundscapes that serve as a bedding to the lyrics, seem to blend and justify such lyricism. This album serves as a catalyst for further discussion in regards to Australia’s music scene, both sonically and lyrically.

The baseline of ‘Drink Wine’ is a welcomed start to the album, as it embodies the underlying funk and soul of the record. With Jake’s unique voice, given the ability to soar, and when he does he finds the tender balance between unique and lively. It seems as if, the heavy bassline that features in ‘Drink Wine’, has been influenced to a degree, by ‘The Less I Know The Better” by fellow Perth rockers Tame Impala. A very welcomed sentiment.

The chorus of ‘Femme Maison/One Man House’, is so melodic that it almost fragrant; since it lingers around in your mind like a bad smell, in a good way, of course. 

The standout track of the album for me would have to be: ‘Groundswell’. From its quirky breakdown to the punchy drums, this track is this icing on the cake, as it blurs the line between dance and psych. The album itself refuses to stick to one genre, as the band dabble between indie-pop, psychedelia, dance, disco and at times soul (more so based on the vocals, not the instrumentation.)

I honestly find it really hard to fault this album at all. By now you may have realised that I have thoroughly enjoyed this album. I also feel that, if you give this bad boy a listen, you will too. That said, go on and give the record a listen, decide as to whether or not you enjoy it. Either like it, love it or hate it. Doesn't matter, you gave it a go. You won't know what you're missing out on otherwise.

Author: Tommy Boutros

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