6 Beauty Tips for an Enchanted Evening

UTSOC is holding the ‘Enchanted Evening’ Communications Ball on October 6th. No doubt it’s going to be a long and wonderful night. So, before you head off, don’t forget my 6 best beauty tips to have you looking and feeling fabulous, all night long.

1.      Hydration, hydration, hydration!

This is not specifically a beauty tip, HOWEVER, a serious must for everybody (trust me)! With all of the excitement of the night ahead, it can be easy to forget your daily 2.5 litres of pure H2o. Drink enough water throughout the day so that your decision to take full advantage of the unlimited bar tab doesn’t come back to haunt you! Your hung-over self will thank you. Also, our skin is the last organ to receive hydration from the water you drink. So it’s also a great idea to apply some face and body moisturiser. For the makeup wearers, it means your makeup will go on smoothly and won’t get patchy throughout the night.  For everyone else, you’re going to look refreshed and ready to get down on the dance floor.

2.      Enjoy the process (Cheesy but true). 

Make sure you’ve allocated yourself enough time to pamper yourself, get ready and be out the door in time, without any stresses. Take a long hot bath and wash your hair, leaving enough time for it to dry and be styled before you head off. Pro tip, Lush bath bombs can't be beaten when you want to feel extra spoilt. They leave you smelling amazing, feeling moisturised and some even have glitter for an extra sparkle. Plus they are just SO pretty #lushlife.

3.      Don’t ditch the details. 

Sure, big things like your outfit are important. It is going to be a fancy night and your tracksuit and slides wont cut it, but that doesn't mean you should skip the little things! Paint your nails a colour that compliments your clothing, or just stay safe and go for a nude. Spray a little bit of perfume on your wrists and neck. Wear some fine jewellery to balance your outfit, and there you have it, you'll be looking picture perfect in no time, you can thank me later!

4.      Back to Basics Hair. 

It took me a long time to find my go-to night out hairstyle. Believe me, I tried the fancy up do’s and long flowing waves. Yet, I always ended up with either a bobby-pin induced migraine or eating my own hair after a particularly impressive move on the dance floor. I have since decided the best, easiest and quickest hairstyle is the front up back down look. It’s the best of both worlds! The front of your hair is off your face so it stays neat and tidy, but you can still mix-up the back to your hearts desire.

5.      Keep your makeup in place.

Makeup setting sprays are the most underrated high-achievers of the beauty industry. Not only do they keep your makeup in place for 12+ hours, they can be used for a number of other handy tricks. Spray some setting spray on a small brush before applying eyeshadow to give you a better pigment pay off. Use it to dampen your foundation sponges or brushes for a more, even coverage. Spray it after you set your foundation to help it settle on the skin to avoid having a caked on makeup look. It’s a miracle product and can’t be overlooked before a night out. My favourite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray!

6.      Lashes are always, always, always, a good idea. 

Whether you prefer full glam or a more natural look, fake lashes will always add a special touch. They help frame your face and give your eyes an awake, polished look. The best tips for application are to trim the lashes about 3mm shorter than your eye, as this will stop them falling off or looking heavy. Then wait for 30 seconds after using the glue before applying. Finally, use an eyelash curler or a pair of tweezers to stamp the fake lashes to your natural lashes. My favourite lashes that work every time are the Ardell Demi-Wispies, that can be picked up at your local Priceline. They flatter your eye shape, can be used multiple times and don’t feel heavy on the lid. If you don’t like fake lashes, don’t forget to use a light coating of waterproof mascara instead! My favourite is Too Faced's Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara, which can be found and quickly snapped up at your local Mecca Maxima!

So there you have it, my hot tips for an enchanted night at the UTSOC Communications Ball.

Can’t wait to see you all there, and if you haven't already bought a ticket, you can here:  http://utsoccommsball2017.getqpay.com/

Written by Steph Roberts, First Year UTS Journalism Student and Student Contributor. 

Edited by Holly Anderson, UTSOC Junior Publications Executive (Lifestyle) and Second Year Journalism Student.