A Cinderella Story: 5 reasons why the Comms Ball is for you!

Assignment season is crawling back into your life, and with each day you tell yourself, “if tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the do date.”

Scrolling through Facebook, double-tapping on Instagram and favouriting a tweet may seem like good forms of procrastination…but what about getting the chance to star in your own Disney fairytale?

What? I hear you say. Well, just sit down, relax, keep scrolling through this post, and listen to 5 reasons why the UTS Communications Ball of 2017 will be the highlight of your year. 

1. Free drinks…need I say more?

As uni students, funds are never high and anything free should be taken for granted…so why not take the opportunity to drink as much as you want, with unlimited alcohol available for one whole night and not having to worry about crying the next morning when you open your bank account. 

2. An excuse to hang out! 

“Are you free Tuesday?” “Nah, I’ve got work?” “Are you free Friday?” “No I have class”- Does this look familiar? The group chat’s lighting up your phone, and in the end, no one is free to hang, and you’ve resorted to Netflix for your ‘lit’ Friday Night. Planning a get together outside of class can always be challenging, but…with the ball, your friends have no excuse to bail on the night with the purchase of tickets in advance. 


3. The chance to fall in love (if only for one night)! 

Ok, I know this one seems cheesy but with the room dimmed and fairy lights twinkling like stars, the air of romance is bound to be heightened. There you are, standing on one side of the room, and on the other side could be the man(or woman) of your dreams…or just for one dance.  Channel your inner Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez and enjoy your night with a perfect stranger (until midnight of course). 


4. You get to dress up! 

Dressing up is always something I look forward to, and so should you. The stress of uni can always put a downer on your life, but with a little sequins, lace and false lashes, be your own fairy godmother and turn yourself into the most beautiful Disney princess there ever was. 


5. Forget about your worries and dance it out! 

Lastly, with your alcohol intake high and your tummy filled with delicious food, your enchanted evening would not be perfect unless you get up and show everyone those moves you’ve been holding in since Winterfest. With Emalia Jane as the DJ, you are sure to hear the hits and more as you and your #Squad hit the dance floor. 

Author: Sathsara Radaliyagoda 

Sathsara Radaliyagoda is a second year Journalism/International studies student at UTS and a UTSoC Junior Executive. Her accolades include: getting an Oscar from Madame Tussauds, and surviving the first year of UTS journalism. Sathsara also has a completely healthy obsession with dogs.