4 kickass not-for-profits that are killing it right now


Do you have a soft spot for social justice? The UTSoC Careers Not-for-Profit Panel is coming up, and Fatima Olumee dishes on the non-profit organisations that excel at making our planet a better place.

The wonderful Careers team here at UTSoC are hosting a panel this Wednesday 15 August 2018, featuring the top industry experts in the not-for-profit sector. You may have heard of these amazing organisations that they come from, but how often have you thought about the amazing work that they do? Whether you’re looking to break into non-profit work or are simply inspired by humanitarianism, you’re sure to be intrigued. Here’s a list of the top not-for-profits that are the cream of the crop when it comes to saving the world.

World Vision Australia

Credit: World Vision, 2018

Credit: World Vision, 2018

If you haven’t heard of World Vision, you’ve been living under a socially-unaware rock because this non-profit has dominated in decades of helping children in need globally. You may have participated in their infamous 40 Hour Famine or even sponsored a child overseas. From responding to the Rohingya refugees’ urgent humanitarian needs in Bangladesh to helping rural families in Afghanistan survive the drought, World Vision has aimed to cover all its global bases. You may be aware of their inspiring work worldwide, but this NFP has responded to crises a little closer to home here in Australia. In support of reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians, World Vision Australia has committed itself to youth and leadership development through recognition of strengths in Indigenous cultures. Programs like the Young Mob Leaders Program are run to promote life skills, identity and connection to Indigenous Australian culture within schools and juvenile justice institutions all over NSW. You can hear more about the great work they do from Chief of Staff Tom Middlemiss at the UTSoC Careers Not-for-Profit Panel.  

 FOUR PAWS Australia

Credit: Four Paws Twitter, 2018

Credit: Four Paws Twitter, 2018

If you’re a sucker for a furry friend (which, let’s be honest, who isn’t?), this organisation will tug at your animal-loving heartstrings. FOUR PAWS Australia has dedicated itself to wildlife conservation and is is one of the largest international animal protection charities in the world. The team rescues animals and gives them a new home in their sanctuaries, where they can recover in a natural environment. FOUR PAWS has also strived to improve the political climate surrounding animal welfare and protection to prevent their future suffering. The conditions that our feline friends are subjected to in captivity are horrific, which is why FOUR PAWS rehomes lions and tigers in their LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. And that’s not even where their work ends. The charity has spearheaded campaigns geared towards cultivating better living conditions for farm animals, wild animals in captivity, stray dogs and cats and companion animals. You can learn more from Head of Communications of FOUR PAWS, Elise Burgess, who’ll be yet another panellist this Wednesday.

Greenpeace Australia

From protecting our beloved oceans and forests to campaigning for a coal-free Australia, the team at Greenpeace are environmental superheroes. Greenpeace Australia is committed to making affordable renewable energy available to all along with ending the oil age. And with the Great Barrier Reef deteriorating due to constant pollution, they’re pushing to protect 2300 km of breathtaking coral networks. What’s more, Greenpeace is looking to protect Antarctica through preserving the 1.8 million square kilometre sanctuary (that’s almost the size of Queensland!), home to precious sea-critters such as leopard seals, colossal squids and blue whales. Hooked? Hear from panelist Madeleine Burkitt, who is in charge of community engagement with Greenpeace Australia.


RSL NSW supports our ex-serving Defence Force personnel through consideration into their well-being, care and compensation. They hold commemoration events for both Anzac Day and Remembrance Day and hold Australia’s long military history in high esteem. RSL NSW have worked to promote Government and community awareness of the Returned and Services League. You’ll have the opportunity to chat with RSL NSW Communications Director, Julie Gillam, on Wednesday as well.

This article was brought to you by Fatima Olumee, a second-year Journalism student. Besides being an absolute bookworm and obsessed Potterhead (not to be confused with Pothead), her passions include yoga, horse-riding, and Bollywood movies. This girl is a big bag of weird… the good kind, she hopes.