Poppin the Culture Cherry: Calling All Swifties!


Ahead of the highly anticipated seventh album ‘Lover’, Olivia Locascio recalls her top 10 all-time favourite Taylor Swift songs, reminding readers of why they’ll never find another like her.

Honestly I am just sick and tired of all the hate on Taylor Swift. If you don’t personally like her music, fine. No one is forcing you to like her music. To deny the fact that she is incredibly talented and inspiring to her fans? That’s just plain stupidity. Sure, she may have added fuel to the fire in regards to her feuds with Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. No one is saying she’s perfect. No one is saying anyone’s perfect. But to criticise her for the mere fact that ‘aLl hEr mUsIc iS AbOuT hEr eX-BoYfRiEnDs’… have those people heard a track by Ed Sheeran? Bruno Mars? One Direction? Justin Bieber? Shall I name a few more? Also, WHO CARES if a good chunk of her music is about past loves. Everyone’s got ‘em. She’s a lyrical genius, with an undeniably incredible voice, who is genuine when it comes to her fans. She also writes her own lyrics, god dammit. Anyway, rant over. Here are my favourite Swift tunes (excluding those already released from Lover).

Image Source:  Giphy

Image Source: Giphy

10. ‘Dress’ - Reputation

Okay, I will admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the album Reputation, as I’m more of a fan of her early days country sound rather than the steer towards pop. I like this song though because of it’s thirsty lyrics. Why not have a teen favourite musician talk about buying a dress just so someone could take it off?

9. We Are Never Getting Back Together - Red

This song BANGS when it comes to finally sacking someone out of your life for good. The best part of a song like this is the use of the first person plural (we) and second person singular (you), so when you’re belting out in the mirror, you can pretend you’re screaming the lyrics at THAT person.

8. Crazier - Hannah Montana: The Movie

This song is just adorable and the lyrics are uber romantic. I enjoy listening to it.

7. You Belong With Me - Fearless

Again, another uber romantic song, with a great use of the second person. The lyrics are just so accurate and really hit close to home when you’re mad crushing on someone that’s with someone else. Would recommend for those times.

6. Back To December - Speak Now

Ahhhh, honestly, a perfect song when it comes to missing an ex. Especially when you’re the one that kinda fucked things up.

Image Credit : Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

5. Style - 1989

This song is just a banger. A really, really fun sing-along. Also a good one in relation to an ex that you keep running back to time and time again.

4. Love Story - Fearless

Oh, an absolute timeless classic that almost everyone knows the lyrics to. A perfect love song that likens the relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet. Can it get any more romantic than that?

3. I Knew You Were Trouble - Red

HUGE. I don’t need to describe this song with any other word. That person that from the beginning there were alarm bells, but it’s those exact alarm bells that sucked you in the first place. And keep sucking you in.

2. All Too Well - Red

Some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a song ever. Yep, I said it. ‘You call me up again, just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest. I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here. ‘Cause I remember it all, all, too well’. Yeah, I’d listen to it if you haven’t already.

  1. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

This song just has so much heart and soul in it, it’s unforgettable. A song that will no doubt hit you right in the feels when it comes to that person who will just never ever know how you feel about them.

Image Source:  Giphy

Image Source: Giphy

Olivia Locascio is a last year Communication student majoring in Journalism and Law student. She’s got her whole future planned out: columnist, author, screenwriter, and Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay. Watch out for this one.