5 Instagram accounts to follow for a five-star feed

Is your lifestyle a bit more mie goreng than Maldives?  Hannah Black shares five Instagrammers to vicariously live through until your next paycheck.

We all understand the struggle of trying to be a baller on a student budget. Between paying rent, buying food and topping up your opal card (not to mention those pesky unpaid internships), it can be difficult to spring for a lavish meal or tropical getaway. If you’re getting sick of the seeing the same old content on your Instagram feed, and don’t know where to begin with the explore function, check out these five, tried-and-tested accounts that will upgrade your escapist cravings. 


1. @TaraMilkTea

One million followers

A list of insta inspo isn’t complete without at least one influencer-cum-model.  It can get a bit repetitive with the same bikini-clad girls hawking teeth-whitening and body scrubs, however Tara Milk Tea is a refreshing, Sydney-native, with a feed that is wall-to-wall #goals.

She’s a certified jet-setter, and has worked with huge brands like Qantas, Tiffany & Co and Flight Centre, as well as luxury resorts and hotels around the globe.  With a focus on food, fashion and travel, her beautifully-styled and curated images will give you serious envy, though it’s worth it for the Bucket List inspiration.

2. @RoomPorn


One inevitable aspect of student living is the cramped, dirty sharehouse; often decorated solely by Kmart and Mum’s cast-offs.  In a sharehouse, a “shower” means standing under the luke-warm drizzle of water, trying to ignore the hair balls and mouldy shower curtain.

Enter Room Porn, an Instagram account dedicated to pulling together images of the best interior design, architecture and luxury resorts that the internet (and the world) has to offer. The next time you’re cleaning up your roomie’s mess; have a scroll through this page, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a waterfront mansion in Malibu. Or a spa overlooking the Swiss Alps. Or a treehouse in Bali. Or anywhere but where you are. 


3. @TheDogist

3.2 million followers

Along the same vein, leasing a house or apartment can more often than not equate to NO PETS. Personally, I find myself staking out dog-friendly parks to get my canine fix, however if you have more self-respect than me, you can find some great Instagrams to fulfil your daily dose of dog.

The Dogist, AKA Elias Weiss Friedman, is a New York City-based street photographer and New York Times best-selling author.  He captures dogs on the streets of NYC, and shares their stories, often shining light on local pet rescues. With over 6200 posts, you could virtually meet one dog a day for the next 17 years.

4. @4FoodsSake


Students are known for eating anything and everything, as long as it’s cheap.  While we know not everything has to be gram-worthy, it can’t hurt to branch out from the tuna and rice once-in-a-while. For Food’s Sake provides some drool-worthy food photography.

With a humble beginning - this account started as a food blog sharing restaurant reviews and family recipes - For Food’s Sake has now grown into an Instagram page, being constantly updated with images from restaurants all around Sydney and Melbourne.  Not only does it feature fine-dining restaurants that you and I can only dream about, they have often focus on cafe culture and cheap-eats.

Come for the food envy, stay for the never ending list of restaurants to try.


5. @CincinnatiZoo


This is a a wildcard, but if there’s anything I can tell you from my three-years at uni, it's that one of the best ways to deal with stress is to stare at images of cute animals. In particular; Fiona the Hippo.  Arguably the jewel in the Cincinnati Zoo’s crown, Fiona was born in January 2017; two-months premature and weighing only half the weight of a regular baby hippo.

Thanks to the efforts of zoo staff, Fiona was nursed back to health and is now the star of the zoo’s social media, and a certified Cincinnati celebrity.  If a video of Fiona farting her way around her underwater enclosure doesn’t ease the pain of a last-minute essay, I have nothing else to offer.

Cincinnati Zoo is a not-for-profit zoo dedicated to animal rehabilitation, conservation and sustainability.

Hannah Black is a recent UTS graduate, now turfed out into the real world.  Having completed a degree in Public Communication, she hopes to find a fulfilling career in the Public Relations industry.