6 beauty tips for the most romantic evening

Looking to make the most of your night out? Here are six tips to help your evening go as smoothly as possible.

Balls, while glamorous, can also get to be a bit much when one comes unprepared. We get it - you’ve somehow managed to snag a last-minute ticket while handing in your capstone project and saving up for your European holiday that will most-likely take place in July next year. The last thing you need is to stress about is whether your nails match your date’s fifth-cousin’s socks. Luckily for you, we’ve got some handy hints that’ll help you fall in Love in Fair Verona.

Dress comfortably and appropriately for your plans

It sounds simple enough, but being cold the whole night and then finishing it off with sore feet is the absolute worst. We all want to dress to impress on a night out, but sometimes switching to a slightly shorter heel or going for pants instead of a skirt can save you a night of heartache. The best thing would be to wear an outfit you know would suit your plans, but is also adaptable - you never know when you’re going to stay out for a little longer, or if it’s going to be chillier than expected.

Don’t be afraid to add a comfortable twist to classic designs - comfort does not mean drab. Take the cape-dress trend, or The Stretch Suit. Accessories such as a soft scarf or faux fur shawl can be both functional and charming. Shoes, simultaneously, do not have to be sky high or leather to be sexy. Try these supportive ankle-strapped pumps, or check out the ways in which trainers and suits werk.

Set your makeup

There’s no Shakespearean tragedy more melodramatic than spending hours creating the perfect look, only for it to have melted off your face not even three hours later. Setting spray and powder, as well as blotting sheets, are the true heroes behind every night out. Keep them on-hand to make sure your effort stays in place.

Urban Decay’s renowned All Nighter setting spray comes in two sizes - if you’re not ready to commit to the 118mL (although it is better value for money), you can try the 30mL travel option, which also perfectly fits into a clutch. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, try E.L.F. Cosmetics’ Matte Magic Mist & Set.

Blotting paper comes in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, tissues and toilet paper are not one of them. The beauty of these lab-made magic sheets is the fact that they absorb oil without absorbing any of your makeup. Priceline has a variety of options and price points available across drug-store and high-end brands. The sisters in pink also have a wide range of setting powders on-hand.

Take the necessities

Breath mints, lipstick, powder, deodorant, portable charger - this one’s pretty obvious, yet feeling self-conscious or stressed about something that can be easily fixed tends to put a damper on your night. Fill your clutch or pockets with a breath mint or a portable charger, at minimum. These essentials never fail to smooth over whatever the night throws at you.

Trial new looks and products before-hand

It’s easy to get a little caught up in the aisles of Sephora, or a bit too enthusiastic about the latest YouTube beauty trend - more power to you. Yet, it’s never the best idea to try a look or product for the first time on a special night out. The risk of an allergic reaction, or a product not sitting the way you had hoped is hardly ever worth the pay off of trying out a new l00k.

Confidence is key

When it comes down to it, the only thing you really need for a good night out is to feel good about yourself. Whatever gets you feeling yourself, whether it’s that special playlist, or talking to your best friend to hype you up, do it!

Take your time with your routine

Getting ready for a night out is a process - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise - so take your time with it. Make time to take a nice warm shower, exfoliate, primp and preen till you’re happy. These are the last moments you get to yourself, before heading out into the night - so take a second and a deep breath, and enjoy it.

UTSoC’s Ball - Love in Fair Verona - will be held on Friday 12 October at The Ivy Ballroom. Tickets are available here.

Inasha Iftekhar is a second-year Journalism/International Studies (Argentina) student at UTS. She spends ungodly hours of the night awake for no apparent reason, and will always appreciate a good old school R’n’B playlist to get her through the week.