8 albums you need to listen to ASAP

With new music constantly being released, it’s easier these days to skip over indie hits in favour of mainstream monotony. Michael Di Iorio thinks that it’s about time these hidden gems got their moment to shine.

When it comes to music, no matter where you look, the big names will always be floating around. Stars like Drake, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are practically inescapable; their absolute bops get drilled into our heads constantly in shopping centres, restaurants and movies. This obsession with big hit-makers often leads us to not getting to know those secret earworms in our Spotify discover section. Well, it’s about time the music consumers of 2018 found out what they are missing out on. Here are eight albums that you probably haven’t heard this year, but definitely need to ASAP. Like seriously, whip out those headphones stat.

Kota Banks - Prize

Now while this project is technically a mixtape, it’s also technically a bop-fest. This Italian-Australian artist put out one of the most addictive and indulgent pop projects this year, with every track just oozing self-confidence, attitude and heat. If you’re looking to win at best playlist of 2018, Kota Banks will most definitely win you that prize.

Highlights:Child”, “I’m It” and “Fiorentina”.

SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

If you don’t know who SOPHIE is by now, you’ve pretty much been living under a rock; she basically owns the future of pop music. This experimental electronic producer is the face behind jams from Charli XCX, Vince Staples and even Madonna, and now with her debut album, she brings experimental pop into the world with an unabashed and unnerving force. Your ears are not ready for what SOPHIE does with sound, but damn it, they should be.

Highlights: “Ponyboy”, “Immaterial” and “Faceshopping”.

Confidence Man - Confident Music for Confident People

This album, produced by one of Australia’s best new bands on the block, is a joyous ode to partying, dysfunctional relationships, being cool, and partying. With nearly every song getting stuck in your head, this album is full of bouncing melodies, catchy hooks, and just pure pop fun. Feeling confident? Then try your luck on some confident music.

Highlights: “Better Sit Down Boy”, “Boyfriend (Repeat)” and “C.O.O.L. Party”.

 Tierra Whack - Whack World

15 tracks, each one-minute-long in an album that passes by so fast it just needs to be played on repeat. Tierra doesn’t play by anybody’s rules on Whack World, creating songs that feel fully-realised and imaginative in such a short time span.  Each song is addictive and new, and the lyrics are some of the most creative bars in rap this year. Get ready to feel wild, warm and weird, but most importantly, prepare to embrace your inner whack.

Highlights: Honestly the whole thing. It’ll only take you 15 minutes.

CupcakKe - Ephorize

Bop after bop and non-stop heat is guaranteed with this well-refined project. Not only does CupcakKe hop on some of the most perfect production of her career, but her lyricism is literally on another level, in what is one of the best rap albums this year. And that album cover? Gorgeous. Whether you’re hungry, or you just ate, you need to take a bite out of CupcakKe, because you have no idea what you’re missing.

Highlights: “Cartoons”, “Duck Duck Goose” and “Crayons”

Caroline Rose - Loner

Loner is a project we can all relate to, so much so that it’s unnerving. It’s a peppy and spirited spotlight on loneliness, the mundane, sadness, and also money. You’ll find yourself dancing and singing through your angst and crippling anxiety with nothing but a smile on your face. This is the charm of Caroline Rose and her unique blend of potent lyrical content with high-energy instrumentation. Being a loner has never felt so popular, but you don’t have to do it alone; this album is here to provide all the company you need.

Highlights: “Jeannie Becomes a Mom”, “Soul No.5” and “Bikini”

Let’s Eat Grandma - I’m All Ears

In the mood for Ethereal space music that gets you in your feelings? I’m All Ears is by far one of the most interesting and entrancing pop albums of the year, and its lead single “Hot Pink” is one of the craziest songs you’ll dance your heart away to (produced by your new best friend SOPHIE). Not only does the album drift you through the far reaches of the galaxy, but it also takes pit stops to dance around the rings of unknown planets at light speed. So, are you all ears?

Highlights: “Hot Pink”, “Falling Into Me” and “It’s Not Just Me”

Tinashe - Joyride

The follow-up to the moody and dreamlike Nightride sees Tinashe go all out on addictive and immersive R&B. One second you’ll be popping it on a handstand, and the next you’ll be all in your feels. From start to finish, Joyride is just genuinely good music, and never fails to bring the party. Also listen to her new single “Throw a Fit”, because that’s a total jam. Keep your eyes on the road, put on your seatbelts and prepare for a joyride.

Highlights: The whole damn thing.  

Michael Di Iorio is a third-year Journalism student. He has a passion for human rights, local drama and seeing that bops in music get the recognition that they deserve.