8 Insta-dogs you really should be following

There are so many dogs competing for the affection of our hearts, but who reigns supreme? Michael Di Iorio has pawed through the world’s most adorable dogs to find the top 8 Instagram canines - and you’ve got to follow them.

How much is that doggy on your phone-screen? Completely free, and readily available for you, whether you need a distraction from your studies or get over that guy who just won’t text you back. Instagram dogs are always there for you, and science proves that they are in fact amazing therapy. Ask anyone, and they’ll agree that looking at the cutest of puppies on the internet just makes you feel automatically warm inside. Here are eight Instagram doggos that you definitely should be following for your general wellbeing. Health first and all that jazz, am I right?


My heart! There’s not much to say about Burrito that his adorable face doesn’t already bark at you. This Corgi from Texas needs to be filling up your Insta feed right this second. You deserve this kind of cuteness in your life. You’re in for a treat when you keep scrolling down too - he was even cuter when he was a baby. Your soul isn’t ready. Is it okay to say I just want to dunk him in my coffee?


If this NYC puppy isn’t taking over your life, then it definitely is now. Bertram or Bertie (Bert if you’re nasty) was adopted off Petfinder.com, and now lives a happy little life with a constant smile on his face. Seriously though this dog has no right to be so damn adorable. I could say that I just want to eat him as a term of endearment, but that’d sound weird. But I just wanna eat him. Look at him!


A two-for-one package! This duo is the ultimate doggo team. In fact, you could call them a tag team, since many of the photos feature one of the two at a time. But it’s when the two get together that the cuteness goes on overload. Honestly, they’re just the best. Go follow these lil’ babies.  


*starts yelling and doesn’t stop* Guys! Look at Mango! Have you ever seen a dog so flawlessly cute? It’s kinda ridiculous. Mango is a timid little girl according to her Insta bio, but go through all her photos and you will find a confident and photogenic Pomeranian with no imperfections at all. Perfect way to boost your mood almost instantly.


Stop waiting for someone to teach you how to Dougie, and let Dougie the dog teach you a thing or two about the power of the Shih Tzu. This little boy from East Bay has charm and je ne sais quoi that is unmistakable. I mean he’s Instagram verified. That’s the kind of power that surely only the cutest of all the dogs can brag about.


Look at this adorable boy. Now look at his follower count. Now look back at this boy because how could you look away. Reggie is a criminally underrated superstar on Instagram, and deserves to be mentioned on this list by nature of his adorable face alone. Go show Reggie some love, because his content is showing us nothing but love every day.


Many of us know how absolutely adorable Shiba-Inus can be, and Levi is no exception. Sometimes it’s not all about the tiny little puppies - Levi shows us that all dogs are equal in their beauty, looking stoic and brave in one photo, and looking just plain lovable in the next.


The soon-to-be pride of your Insta feed. Honestly, any dog that looks like it has a moustache deserves every hour of your time. Simba may be the last on this list, but he definitely is not the least. This Minnesota puppy won’t fail to make you smile with every photo they put up. Ugh, just look at him. Resisting the urge to make an “I want to eat him” joke as we speak.

 Michael Di Iorio is a third-year Journalism student. He has a passion for human rights, local drama and avoiding responsibility by looking at pictures of cute dogs all day.