A Father's Day Reminder

Father’s Day holds with it memories of crayon drawings in hand-made cards and patterned socks bundled in wrapping paper, given by tiny, albeit eager hands. It’s a day to commemorate the male figures who work hard to provide for their family, who make sacrifices for their children – a day to commemorate the everyday superheros in our lives. But on this special day, there is one person in particular who is often forgotten – single mothers.

The importance of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, teachers and other prominent male figures plays an undoubtedly huge role in the growth of a child. But sometimes along the way, life gets complicated, and the role of two is carried by the shoulders of one.

Single-mother families are hardly an anomaly. In 2012, the ABS recorded 780 thousand single mother families, who make up 81 per cent of one parent families.

As a child of a single-mother household, it’s easy to forget the sacrifices that mother’s make. Through sickness and through hardship, single mother’s fight relentlessly for their children. From attending school assemblies, to cooking dinner every night. From cleaning the house to working weekends to make sure the bills are paid. From helping to pick a daughter’s formal dress to teaching a son how to shave for the first time. It’s a role that knows no set-schedule, and certainly no absence of struggle.

To all of the single-mothers out there – thank you. Thank you for working hard for the wellbeing of your children. Thank you for rooting for us from the sidelines. Thank you for every packed lunch, every warm dinner, and every word of reassurance. Your struggle does not go unnoticed, nor does it go unappreciated.

And, to the children of single-mother families, you are no less valid and no less loved.

On this Father’s Day, remember the single mums. 


by Alyssa Rodrigo