How can Big Orange Little Orange help me?


First and foremost, congratulations and welcome to university! I know that transitioning and coming to university can be quite daunting. Take it from the guy who sat in a third-year lecture on his first day of university, and only realised until it was actually finished, and yes, there were tears afterwards.

There’s a lot of questions that I had coming into uni such as where to find the best dumplings, how to balance work, my social life and studying and how to really make the most of my university experience and you may have these questions as well.

One of my biggest tips is getting involved and I’ve got some great news for you on how to get in with UTSoC. UTSoC’s Big Orange, Little Orange programme aims to pair first year students (Little Oranges) with volunteer second year Communications students (Big Oranges) in order to give insight to what uni life is all about, as well as giving you the tips and tricks for assessments, spilling the tea on the best places to eat around campus and fostering genuine friendships.

You might be wondering what can you expect? Little Oranges will attend a one-hour Big Meeting every two weeks and a one-hour Little Meeting in the weeks in between. Meetings are set up to best accommodate schedule(s). These meetings are a fantastic way to mingle with other firsties and get first-hand tips and knowledge from mentors who have been in your shoes. Little Meetings are hosted in little groups, and you do an activity of your/your mentor's choice, which can even include sitting around and having a coffee and chat.

Big Meetings are with everyone, and we all do an activity together.

Mark Joseph Samuel is the UTSoC Education Director for 2019. He studies a Bachelor of Public Communication and Law. Catch him at the nearest KFC.