UTS and UTSoC Careers: what's the go?

Fresh on the scene and want to get the most of university life? Entering second year and looking to be proactive and land a job in the industry? Or are you a uni veteran who needs some inspiration for your LinkedIn profile and keen to make industry contacts networking? UTSoC Careers Director Shantelle O’Riordan dishes on all the best ways to get ahead of the game.

Look no further… UTSOC Careers is your one stop shop for all things related to internships, industry news, job applications, networking and general careers advice.

Here are five tips that’ll have you ready to tackle whatever comes your way this year!

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Join UTSOC Careers page

Why spend hours searching the web for internships when they are all in one place? We regularly post industry internships and jobs that’ll help you get your foot in the door and start the year off right. Keep in the loop with any industry events and news and stay ahead of the crowd… employers want someone who not only knows their industry but is passionate about it. Soon all your uni mates will be coming to you for advice on writing a killer resume and creating a stand-out LinkedIn profile.


Attend our panels

Ever wonder how your favourite movie scene was created? Why that recent article you read really made you tick? How that recent cereal ad caught your attention? How non-for-profits receive funding and stay relevant? Have your questions answered at our panels! We run panels throughout the year with industry speakers and alumni, with this years panels including PR and Advertising, Journalism, Media Arts and Production and Non-For-Profit.

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Be proactive and get job ready

Get a step ahead and check out UTS Careers’ great resources. There’s resources for resume and cover letter writing, preparing for a interview and tips for networking.


Make a finsta

Lock your Insta and Facebook down. Communications is a public job, so as a rule, anything your parents shouldn’t see shouldn’t be on your public profiles. The first thing potential employers look for is your social media presence.

Get involved

Whether that be in a society, attending events, volunteering or keeping up to date with the latest news and posts about the industry. Not only does it bolster your resume but getting involved and socialising makes uni a truly unforgettable experience.

Shantelle O’Riordan is a second year Communications (Public Relations) student who’s a little bit of a perfectionist, heavily reliant upon caffeine and fashionably late to almost everything.