Do you even (The Big) Lift bro?

Australians have an odd fascination with all big things be them bananas, pineapples or even golden guitars. Me on the other hand? Lara Czysnok writes why she thinks it’s time The Big Lift got the attention it deserves.

When you think of the typical internship, you can’t help but think of the dreaded office job, hours spent at the photo copier and countless coffee runs.

As Communications students we are mocked until the cows come home about our employment prospects, or lack thereof. From day dot we are reminded about the power couple that is a Communications student and an unpaid internship. 

Most internships act as resume boosters. Not so many internships look good on your resume as well as teaching you invaluable skills, introduce you to lifelong friends and provide hours of free karaoke and live entertainment. 

It is just as well that there is an internship that offers all of that exclusively for Communications students, that is … THE BIG LIFT!

You may already know of The Big Lift as a society and their positive presence at UTS. The infamous BBQs and beach clean ups are just the tip of the paying it forward iceberg that is The Big Lift. The motherload of random acts of kindness is their annual Winter trip. 

The 9-day bus trip through regional NSW and Queensland consists of 9 service projects that can range from land restoration to construction or even painting. It only takes a quick flick through their vibrant social media pages to understand the extent of their contribution to local communities and towns.

To make sure their meaningful contribution is never forgotten it is the job of four Communications students to document and record the experiences of both the townspeople and participants. This is the chance for two journalists and two videographers to showcase their talent and learn countless new skills that no amount of tutorials or Harvard style referencing could ever teach. 

To have the opportunity to collaborate and work with fellow Communications students who are as engaged and driven as you are is an incredible opportunity, not to be passed up. 

It can be said that as for memories to be created and stories to be shared, once must step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips. Whether it’s paint or sweat dripping from your fingertips, by participating in The Big Lift you are guaranteed to make incredible friendships and learn priceless skills. There is no better way to step into a scene than to talk to the heart of a regional community, their townspeople. There is no greater tableau than that of digitally driven millennials rolling up their unmuddied sleeves and shovelling mulch or repainting a farm fence. 

If I hadn’t already given you a million reasons to go (thanks Gaga), interns will receive a 50% discount off the full price of the trip! In addition, the pieces of work that you create will be shared and promoted to thousands of people. 

Writing well means never to say, ‘I guess you had to be there’. Well you know what?

You really did.

To apply, head to The Big Lift website and fill out the Communications Internship application found here. 

Lara is a third-year Law/Communications student who most definitely would not say no to a margarita and has an unhealthy obsession with anything that has Che Guevara’s face on it.