The best spots to eat and drink at UTS

After a year of testing, researching and tasting, Grace Joseph is ready to reveal the best food and drink venues that all first-years should know.

You'll learn a lot in your first few weeks of uni - how to find your tutorial rooms, how to quickly get around campus, and, ideally, something course-related. But the most important thing you'll learn by far is that food and drinks (caffeinated, alcoholic and otherwise) will be a very important part of your daily routine. So, without further ado, here's a comprehensive-but-not-exhaustive list of the best eateries around UTS.


Penny Lane Cafe and Bar

Penny Lane is a UTS hotspot. Daily specials and speedy service make this the perfect place to spend your short lunch breaks, and the extensive menu will suit every budget. To find this rustic venue, follow the signs down into Building 11 on Broadway.

Bun Gallery

Are you really a uni student if you don't regularly consume dumplings? Answer: no. And there are no better dumplings than the ones at Bun Gallery. This funky Chinese takeaway is conveniently located up the road from the library, ready to fulfil your stress-induced dim sum needs.

The Marketplace Food Court

This bustling food court is famous around UTS, and for good reason. In here, you'll find everything from sushi to Mexican, from kebabs to curries, and from udon to salads. It's located smack-bang in the middle of campus, on the ground floor of the Tower (Building 1).

Spice Alley

Last but not least is Spice Alley, a collection of hawker-style shopfronts selling different Asian cuisines. It is the go-to place for breaking up long chunks of study, and everything is both affordable and delicious – a win-win situation for starving students. Plus, walking through those red gates is like reliving the gap year you never had. Spice Alley is located across the road from the Tower.


Cornerstone Cafe

Anyone who has classes starting before midday will find themselves seeking Cornerstone’s caffeine regularly. It’s strong, tasty and delivered with a smile. Additionally, if you happen to be at uni on your birthday, show ID and get free coffee for you and a friend! Find it at the bottom of Building 7 off Jones Street.


Soma is UTS’s trendiest cafe. It’s always busy, but the service is never slow, and once you take a sip of your hot beverage of choice, you’ll know why people keep coming back. Soma has space to sit and study, and is still in the UTS Wi-Fi zone, so it’s ideal for those who need some ambient noise to concentrate. Find it on the corner of Harris and Ultimo Street.

Knight’s Coffee and Tea Co.

This hole-in-the-wall cafe hosts regular visits from minor ABC celebrities, all of your lecturers and tutors, and, before too long, yourself. Located at the end of Central Tunnel near the Goods Line, Knight’s Coffee is perfect for when you’re late for class but need a coffee (not that we’ve ever been in that position...), as they’re lightning-fast and very affordable.

The Loft

The Loft is an Instagrammer's dream. With a picturesque outdoor courtyard, as well as a cozy indoor area, you'll forget that you're technically still on campus. The drinks menu caters for everyone from cocktail-connoisseurs to teetotallers, and better yet, all students get 10% off when you bring your student ID. Find it off Broadway, between Harris Street and the Tower.

The Underground

The second UTS bar is (you guessed it) buried underground below The Loft, and is a popular venue for uni parties and late-night shenanigans. The Underground has a dance-floor, pool tables, and is always filled with students trying to shake off the day's study. Maybe it's because they get 10% off here too!

Gin Lane

This one is a bit classier than our little ol' UTS bars – think powerful people in suits discussing important adult things – so maybe save it for a special occasion. Drinks are served in all sorts of funky glasses, and despite the name, the menu is not limited to gin. Find Gin Lane opposite Building 1, just up the road from Spice Alley.

Grace Joseph is a second-year Communications/International Studies student, who majors in Creative Writing because she wants to be a barista for the rest of her life. She's probably the only uni student alive who'd rather wake up at 5:30 am than still be awake at 10:30 pm – sleep is life, kids.