Failing the New Year like a champ

Image Credit: Gretchen Rubin

Image Credit: Gretchen Rubin

Jade Adam explains how she failed at her New Years Resolutions, and why that is exactly what she needed. 


When the clock ticked over to 12:00am on the 1st of January 2019, I made the bold statement that I was going to exercise at least 3 times a week. Now, I had made these statements previously whilst participating in the ‘New Year Resolution’ practise, and no matter how committed I felt to the cause it was always a flop. Was this time any different? No.  


Now, before we continue – I get it. The New Year is inspiring, typically due to the date. I am a huge believer in the power of these resolutions, and I have seen my friends and family succeed at them. In fact, I thrive in early January simply for the promise it holds; however, if we aren’t proactive enough that’s all it is – ‘promise’.


This story may seem dismal but let me assure you, the fact I didn’t succeed in my resolutions helped me more than I could ever have known. Once it became apparent that I had failed in my quest for an active lifestyle I let go of the expectations holding me back. It is easy to get caught up in the pressure, even if you are the only one putting it on yourself. I took a figurative deep breath and decided to start smaller.

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 On February 13th I set myself a goal to meditate once a week. If I did any more than that, it was simply a bonus. Being mindful has never been a strong suit for me – it’s always very on and off. This time though, I became better at becoming grounded and connected with myself with every breath. The repercussion of this simple practise, a mere 10 minutes, was enough to create a consistent routine. Meditating every single day has now become a priority.


You may be curious about what has happened to my lofty exercising goals. Well, in the middle of March I began fresh and started to go to a boxing gym. It seemed punching bags repetitively called to me. It began twice a week, and soon enough, it turned into four times a week. Slowly but surely, exercising has become a part of my routine and the effects it has had on my mental and physical health are immeasurable. Seeing the changes within myself has been the most rewarding experience I have encountered, despite failing to get the ball rolling in early January.


While people may feel embarrassed, ashamed or just a little bit downtrodden for not quite succeeding in their resolutions, I implore you to take a step back and look at the big picture. If dates are what excite you, start on a Monday of a new week. Or better yet, tomorrow. There is always a chance to change your life in simple and rewarding ways. I suggest starting small,  even if that is just something like making your bed each morning, it can be the beginning of a better lifestyle.

 Take this as a small reminder. If you fail, there is always an opportunity to start again. I may stop boxing and I may also stop meditating – it wouldn't be surprising, especially since I have always been on and off with pursuing them. However, each time I try and make it consistent in my life, I get better at sustaining it.


One little ripple can lead to big changes. Try not to diminish these little wins. Be proud of what you accomplish. If you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and give it another crack because you don’t have to wait until the New Year to help yourself. Every day is a chance to change – take it or wait until the time is right. Ultimately, it is your choice


Jade Adam is a fresh first year Journalism student who would rather be at a waterfall or the beach. She also has a severely unrelatable hatred of coffee unlike, it would seem, every other writer at the Comma. Whoops.