How 'The Devil Wears Prada' Should Have Ended

Let’s keep it real - nobody, literally nobody enjoyed seeing our gal Andy go from faux pas to fabulous and still stay with her undercooked chicken nugget of a boyfriend, Nate.

Watching this movie for the first time on a plane to Hawaii three years ago, I let out an audible groan at 02:13AM as Andy swept all Nate’s ungrateful asshole behaviour under the carpet to give him another shot, undermining the entire message of the movie: that by stepping out of your comfort zone, you can become the best version of yourself, even if the odds don’t look great at the start.

Dirty looks from the people in the seats beside me didn’t diminish my belief that getting back with Nate was so out of character for the new post-Runway Andy; and three years later, it still haunts me every time I watch it. Here’s what should have happened, IMO.

Andy: I wanted to say that you were right about everything.

[Nate nods, smiles, and takes Andy’s hand]

 That... I turned my back on my friends and my family... and everything I believed in... because none of you supported me and believed in my ability to be a boss-ass bitch.

[Nate pulls away]

 Nate: What?!

Andy: You heard me. None of you took me seriously. You saw my job as a way to get free stuff, and then when it suddenly didn’t benefit you and I put myself and my career first, your whiny ass switched tactics and gave me the guilt trip of a lifetime.

Sometimes work has to come first.

Nate: [Clears throat]

I flew up to Boston while you were gone.

I interviewed at The Oak Room.

Andy: [Inspecting her nails] And?

 Nate: And you're looking at their new sous-chef.

I'm moving up there in a couple weeks.

Andy: [Yells sarcastically] Somebody get this guy a medal!

 Nate: Huh?

 Andy: That's great. Congratulations. So I’m supposed to applaud you on your career achievements while all you did was shit on mine? This is 2006, pal, not 1956. You could learn a thing or two from The Mentalist, Simon Baker - sorry, I mean Christian- about attitudes to gender equality. Plus, his dick game was bomb.

 Nate: Andy, c’mon. We’re great together- what about I make you one of those grilled cheeses you love? I'm pretty sure they have bread in Boston. May even have Jarlsberg. We might be able to figure something out.

 Andy: I know you’re a chef, but damn, you’re no Nigella. We live in a crusty apartment and you want to spend $$$ on cheese and five-dollar strawberries? Not even five-dollars a punnet, but five-dollars each?! A bitch could buy a house, a whole new attitude or at least three pairs of Loubs with a year’s worth of that money. Boy, bye.

[She gets up]

 Nate: Andy, wait-

[He gets up and reaches after her]

 Andy: Runway might not have been the job for me, but it definitely taught me not to put up with your bullshit. Goodbye. I’ve got a job interview to go to, and an old boss to call back.

 Nate: [Derisively] That's what you're wearing?

 Andy: Hell yeah, Mr Walmart threads. Paris Fashion Week: Worth more than your life or your stupid grilled cheese. Excuse me.

[Walks out of the café as he protests in the background]

[Female power anthem as ‘Who Run the World’ blares loudly]

[Fade to end credits]

Kaitlyn Hudson-O’Farrell is a second-year Journalism student and meme addict. When she’s not waiting for Miranda Priestley to call, you’ll find her searching for Twitter receipts or eating something sugary.