Just Another Manic Monday


I bet you’re wishing it was Sunday, right? Alarming symptoms begin to surface. Cold sweats. Heart palpitations. Deep, erotic fantasies about staying in bed. Because no one can make you feel as desired as sweet Egyptian cotton – thread count value = bed marriage eligibility.


You drag yourself to the bus stop, wildlife nesting in your hair and smudged ink on your wrist. Is that the Scary Canary logo?


Who knows, who cares? Clearly Mum does after last night’s drunken commando dive into pot plant. Mistaking it for the dog door and reenacting Lord of The Rings battle in Flower Power – a proud day for motherhood.


The diagnosis? A severe case of Monday Blues. Cured only by a strong game plan and a slap on the wrist.


Because Mondays don’t suck, and neither does your life. You’ve spent all weekend popping bottles on the ice in your G6 and completely forgotten about the 50-page reading for Torts, your advertising pitch presentation and to feed the dog.


Hold the phone! It’s Mum’s birthday AS WELL?


It’s time to call in back up.


Transform your Monday to a Funday:

Hop onto Spotify’s rocking playlist ‘Walking like a Badass’ and behave accordingly. Fake it until you make it, right through your advertising pitch and on the express lane to Torts.


Liquid Gold:

Everyone knows that without espresso, you are beyond depresso. Surrender yourself to the miracle workers and chuck in some Vegemite toast to refuel your train wreck stomach. If all else fails, Berocca’s gotcha back.


Make use of all available resources:

You have a phone and I’m almost certain you have hands. Scan your calendar for the rest of the week and make a quick to-do list of tasks to complete (factoring in adequate sleep time).


The future game plan:

Try to wangle your timetable to give yourself a four-day weekend ensuring sufficient recovery time and high concentration levels. If not, create a timetable that allows you to complete most of your work before the weekend. Create a ‘Tasking Spreadsheet’ in Google Docs listing all current and upcoming assignments, due dates and duration to complete. It allows you to manage your workload efficiently and through a big picture lenses.


Hydration and Sleep:

Without these two vital tools, the forecast suggests a high chance of throbbing head and lows of productivity. As a self-appointed professional in the sleeping arena, nine hours a night is essential to both mental and physical wellbeing. Assignment all-nighters and early starts don’t bode well with your body clock as it begins to claim 3am as prime thinking time.

Reap the benefits of staying hydrated and buy yourself an adorable bottle to take with you everywhere you go. Increasing your energy, relieving fatigue and boosting your immune system can all be done in style. Two to three litres a day will do wondrous things.



It’s not hard to avoid the Monday Blues with the right toolbox. As for Mum’s birthday present – I’d recommend a new pot plant.


By Claudia Neal-Shaw