Five Ways You Can Pay it Forward

Tayla Curry informs you of five ways you can pay it forward during Pay it Forward Week, and how any small act can make a difference.

Ever wanted to, as Mahatma Gandhi put it, be the change you wish to see in the world? Here is your opportunity.

From 27 August to 31 August 2018, UTS is hosting ‘Pay It Forward Week’, which is ‘a week to celebrate the power of generosity’ and to help the world (and the UTS campus) become a place of kindness, which gives back to the community. There is just one rule: you must do it without expecting anything in return.

There are a series of community events you can become involved in, from ‘Board Games and Beanies’, which consists of knitting beanies for babies in Nepal, to ‘Cases for a Cause’, which will work to raise awareness for mental health in the workplace. There's also a trivia night for those that wish to put their thinking hats on, and a BBQ and bake sale will also be paying it forward, with fundraising going to groups such as NSW farmers who have been affected by the recent drought.

But attending these activities is just one element of Pay it Forward Week. The other, you ask? Random acts of kindness.

So let’s work together to make a ripple effect of kindness across UTS, and watch the joy flow through lives around you. Here are five simple ways you can pay it forward.

Buy a coffee for the person behind you

From time to time, or for some of us, (multiple times) everyday, we all need a good caffeine fix. So when you’re in the line at your local cafe, turn around and tell the person behind you that you would like to buy their coffee. A touch of kindness like that is bound to make them happier than the caffeine fix.

Clean out your wardrobe and donate it to charity

Let’s be honest, our wardrobes are full, but we only really wear three or four outfits over and over again. Sort through your wardrobe, and drop any new or pre-loved items you no longer need to the drive in Building 1. It’s nice to know these clothes that may have meant something to you could mean even more to somebody else. And if you're struggling to declutter, fear not! Sarah Anne Hayes provides you with a ‘Definitive Guide to Minimalist Fashion’.  

Donate blood

Every blood donation can help save three lives! So pay it forward by visiting the blood drive hosted by the Vietnamese Students Association at the Liverpool Red Cross Donor Centre. One in three Australians will need blood, so become one of the half a million people that supply it.

If it rains, share your umbrella with a stranger

Don’t you hate having to walk to the bus stop in the rain after your tutorial ends and the sky is growing dark? Don’t let someone else be in this position. If you have an umbrella and it starts to rain, look around for a poor soul who’s running for shelter, and offer to share your umbrella. Sure, you may get a little wet, but you’ve made someone’s day, and their relief is worth it.

Stand up for someone on the bus

You know the look of disappointment on someone’s face when they get on the bus and there are no seats left? You’ve probably experienced it yourself. See someone’s disappointment turn into surprise, and then into gratitude by offering up your seat. Not to mention, standing lowers risk of heart disease and obesity!

Still wanting to help pay it forward? Volunteer to man one of the stalls here

Tayla Curry is a first-year Journalist student who can survive anything after a piece of peanut butter toast and a caramel latte. During the ‘Pay it Forward Week’, she’ll be buying two.