Playlists That Will Help You Survive Uni


Uni life has its ups and downs, and Tahlia Zangari has got the playlists that will get you through it.

We're right in the beginning of our second semester, and if you're like me, I know you're thinking great, it's not like the last one draaaagged on too much. Well, fear not! Here are five music playlists that are going to get you through the uni slump, all the way to the end of the year.  



First up, we’ve got a classic travelling playlist. Train. Walking. Teleportation. Regardless of what mode of transport you choose, these tracks will get you through that hellish trek to uni. Start your day by waking up to the smooth sounds of Vic Mensa’s Didn’t I, and end the night with an awesome Kid Cudi throwback with Day ‘n’ Nite – Crookers Remix. Then, a bit of Lost by Frank Ocean to calm your frustrations during the worst moments of of peak hour traffic, or if you somehow end up in Hornsby instead of Central (true story, don’t ask how). Lane Boy by Twenty-One Pilots is also a great rage-curber for that moment when you’re driving along innocently, only to suddenly be cut off by a cyclist with a death wish. Just take a breath, blast this playlist in their face … and flip them the bird.



Now, this one’s designed for when you have somehow navigated your way into uni with an extra two hours to kill before class. Why not catch up on some study with these songs? These tracks are guaranteed to keep you calm enough to focus. A favourite on this playlist is Wasted Times by The Weeknd, for when you feel like you’re wasting your time studying, when you could just drop out and join the circus. But don’t stress, Kali Uchis and Tyler the Creator will be there for you After the Storm of stress to keep you mellow enough to get you through that cram sesh.

The Feels

*WARNING: tissues may be needed when listening to these tracks*

Going through a breakup? Stressed out? Or maybe you’ve just cracked your phone? We’ve all felt the emotional rollercoaster that the uni semester can often be. This playlist is just the thing to get you through; full of the best songs to support you along the tough times. From emotional singer-songwriter jams by the up-and-coming Ricky Manning with LA is Lonely, right down to pop tracks that will help you dance through your depression like Ariana Grande’s Thinking Bout You, this playlist is here for you. Ending it with Post Malone’s unrivalled sadness anthem, I Fall Apart, will really tip you over the edge to sing, cry, and scream all at the same time.



Everyone needs a dirty playlist. This was honestly the most fun playlist to come up with. Whether you’re trying to get with your crush, or you're in a relationship, or you're single and ready for a Pringle, these hot songs will set the perfect mood. It starts off with a bit of a throwback, back to a time when Christina Aguilera was sweating till her clothes came off (DIRRTY). Miguel will get you feeling hot and heavy in The Valley, which leads up to the slow burn of 6LACK and Jhene Aiko’s First F**K.



The last and arguably most essential playlist for any uni student, this brings you back to life after that gruelling day of uni or work. Nothing says hype more than some rap bangers and pop bops. This playlist is the one with the most recent music to hit the charts with new Cardi B, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Starting off the vibe is a bit of Chano with No Problem, before getting into some heavy Yeezy beats with some Mercy and Black Skinhead. To round it off, one of the greatest modern rock songs that takes everyone down memory lane; The Killers’, Mr Brightside, which is guaranteed to hype up the even the Grinch of the group. From hip-hop to rock to electronic dance, this music is sure to make everyone’s night epic.

Tahlia Zangari is a second-year Public Communications student who is crazy about music and broke from all the concerts she attends… please send her money to crowdfund her lifestyle. Check out the latest music she’s obsessed with and updates to these playlists by hitting up her Spotify!