The Different Types of Pokémon Go Players

By now if you have not heard of or downloaded Pokémon Go than you are clearly living under a rock. Soon after the release of the game early in July Nintendo’s shares increased by billions of dollars! If that doesn’t give you some perspective on how powerful this game has become, I don’t know what will. I decided to download the game to see what all the fuss was about after one of my Pokémon obsessed friends could not stop playing it on a night out. At first I thought ok this is cool, the app shows a map of my surroundings and when Pokémon are nearby, but what is the point of all of this and why are people flocking to Rhodes and the Opera House? Everyone plays for different reasons, so here is a guide to help you understand some of the types of players.


The Nostalgic Millennial:

The nostalgic millennial has been waiting for this app since iPhone’s first came out. They grew up playing Pokémon on Gameboys and Nintendo DS. They know all about which Pokémon are the best and the different evolution stages. At one point or another, they fantasied about a world in which Pokémon was real and probably named their cat Meowth.


The Sheep:

I acknowledge that I am stereotyping here, nonetheless… the sheep is a follower. They simply do what the other sheep are doing and rarely stray from the herd. The sheep sees all their friends playing Pokémon and just wants to be included in Pokè hunts. Half the time they are googling terms such as lure and CP to keep up with the Pokè lingo.


The Collector:

This player will stop at nothing to complete their Pokèdex. They want to experience the satisfying feeling of having no blanks. They can brag to fellow players about all the rare and important Pokémon they have caught. Most likely, they spend weekends at Rhodes and lunch breaks at the Opera House. I am intrigued about what they do once they have collected every Pokémon.


The Master of Apps:

Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Temple Run… These are just some of the apps this player has conquered (if that is possible). They are constantly on the lookout for the trendiest games in the App Store and their high scores always beat yours. Pokémon Go is just another game they must become proficient at on their quest to dominate the app gaming world.


The Pikachu Fan:

With little knowledge and experience playing Pokémon, this player is in it for Pikachu. Growing up they watched a few episodes of Pokémon and remember Pika-Pika Pikachu being their favourite character. To this player, Pikachu is the most important and powerful Pokémon. They have no time to waste catching Zubats; catching Pikachu is a win in their eyes.

None of the above? Perhaps you do not have time to waste on a silly game or you are like me and only play the app when waiting for a bus to the Opera House (yes I went there, but just to see a show!).


by Prachi Parikh