The Most Creative Ways to Procrastinate

Artwork provided by Alice Wong (@tingtingalicewong). 

Artwork provided by Alice Wong (@tingtingalicewong). 

Be honest – are you procrastinating by reading this article?

It’s the biggest problem for every uni student – you have seventeen assignments, five exams, you're catching up on lectures that you slept through or couldn’t be bothered going to in the first place, and instead you’re on Facebook, scrolling through photos of people you were in a group project with last year. 

Procrastination attacks the best of us, but why not take it a step further and get off Instagram, and head to some more interesting sites?

The ones where you might learn something

These are the best procrastination techniques, because they give you the illusion of productivity:


You’ve always wanted to know Ukrainian, right? Or if you want to go really nuts, there’s also Klingon. There are so many languages for you to choose from – just beware of how clingy the Duolingo Owl is.

The Electric Typewriter

For Journalism majors and people who enjoy a good read, there are articles about topics as diverse as political correctness on campus to the apocalypse.

The ones where you find out things about yourself that you never knew

And probably never needed to know, honestly, but you’re making the most out of your lack of productivity to do a bit of soul-searching:

Buzzfeed quizzes

Buzzfeed quizzes started off being relatively normal, and have now delved into ‘Choose some clothes from ASOS and we’ll tell you which year you’re going to slip on a banana peel and spill coffee on your boss’. And yet, we still do them.


A world away from Buzzfeed, this personality test gives you a fairly comprehensive profile of your personality, wherein you can get distracted by all the celebrities who apparently have the same personality as you.

The ones that’ll motivate you to work for long enough to submit your assignment before getting back to scrolling through Facebook

The most realistic outcome of motivational things you look at when you’re in the throes of an assignment, really.

Zen Pencils

A fun, cartoonised version of quotes about productivity and creativity, that have just enough to give you the inspiration to keep looking through the over 200 comics available.

TED Talks

Ah, TED. Purveyor of all wisdom, to make you feel like the world is at your feet, if only you get your assignment done – until you find another recommended talk, and then the next thing you know, it’s 2AM.

The ones where you’ve given up hope of ever getting any work done

So you’ve finally decided that your motivation is gone, and you might as well commit to staying on the internet until most people wake up.


Tried and true, Netflix is always there for you in a time of need, to find you shows based on your guilty pleasures and urge you to watch Stranger Things for the zillionth time.


With a dazzling array of topics to choose from – and websites to go to from there – you’ll be knees deep in articles about Photoshop before you realise that you should probably be sleeping instead of exploring everything on the internet, especially considering that you have class in four hours.

The ones where you do absolutely nothing because you’re too tired to even procrastinate properly

We all knew this was where it would end up, right?

The Useless Web

An endless haven of useless websites that’ll make perfect sense in the early hours of the morn. You can click a button to go to a random site – anything from making an eel slap someone to an endless horse can result.

Dancing Orca

He won’t help you get better grades, but he will follow your cursor wherever you move it. And that's all you need in life, right?

Rashmi Mohotti is a second-year Media Arts and Production/Creative Intelligence and Innovation student, who can't say the full name of her degree in one breath. She's probably procrastinating doing something right now.