Why you should Rumble in the Jungle


Don your best leopard print and unleash your wild side at UTSoC’s end of sem party.

The end of semester is fast approaching and whether you’re feeling, stressed, excited or you’ve just lost track at this point – UTSOC is providing you with the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam. The jungle themed bash will be taking place at our very own Underground, and here’s why you should be there!

First of all, celebrate and hit the dance floor! Congratulations, you made it through the whole semester of uni! Everyone deserves a well-earned pat on the back and the reward of some fun. And of course, this will be roaring fun; it’s jungle themed!

On that note, time for some dress ups! Who doesn’t love a good opportunity to get into costume? Whether you want to come in some subtle leopard print, safari camo, or you have an animal costume begging to be worn, the choice is yours.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends. Got that one mate you promised you were going to see more often? Is your tutorial squad looking for somewhere to get together? Say no more, meet them at our safari escape. You’ll be sure to run into some more familiar faces along the way too.

Free drinks! Yes you read that right, UTSoC will be providing a bar tab. Need I say more?

Also, it’s a collaboration! Not only is UTSoC involved, but also the lovely people at Reverb UTS, MuscUTS and Backstage. Take the opportunity to make some new friends and learn more about all the cool opportunities offered on campus.

Last but not least, there is an after-party provided and ready to go. We’ll all be kicking on to Side Bar afterwards (with free entry) so that you really can rumble all night long.

So now that you’re convinced, here’s the deets. It’s on Friday the 31st of May at the classic UTS Underground. Anyone is welcome to attend, and members can even score a discounted ticket here. Get in quick, and we’ll see you soon in your khaki!