Study tips to survive First Semester


You’ve heard it a bajillion times before, but university isn’t the same as high school. Your lecturers’ emails will end with “Sent From My iPhone”, you’ll learn to work in trimesters, and your tutors won’t be spoon feeding you every step of the way.

That’s where UTSoC swoops in and saves the day with our tried and true study tips.

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Check out HELPS

HELPS. Is. Amazing. Seriously. They run workshops for everything from academic writing, to speaking, to giving you a hand with specific assessments. They also run workshops after you get your marks back, meaning you’ll be able to improve on the areas that might have lost you marks. They also have peer learning, and online resources if you’re not up for trekking it in to uni.

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Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing

Say yes to everything university offers. Your skills and discipline will come from your own determination to do well. You’ve worked to be studying what you’re studying, and you’re paying too. If you’re not going to set aside the time and effort your degree requires, you’re not going to do well. It’s seriously that simple.

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Put your mental health first

Say it with us: your mental health always comes first. No assessment is worth your tears or deep anguish. Stress is normal, but if you’re feeling like your marks are starting to be more than just that - a small percentage of your time - the UTS Counselling Service is available if you’re struggling. We’d also recommend shooting the course coordinator an email, and they’ll do everything they can to help you out too. You can also apply for special consideration with assessments in certain circumstances.

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Do your readings early

Don’t leave them to the last minute. If you have a few days to think on a reading, you will develop your own perspective on what the scholar is writing about and how you can incorporate it into what you’re learning. If you do your readings on the train to your tutorial, however, you won’t retain anything other than a few quotes from here and there.


Get to know the people in your subjects

Who knows, the person you sit next to in your first class could be the global head of Google's marketing in 10 years time. Don’t just go to your subjects and go home. The people you're studying with will be your industry co-workers in the future.

Happy studying. You got this!