The Field Diaries: Hidden Characters

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Hidden Characters is a PR company under the wide umbrella of M&C Saatchi. Not only does this company work with UTS, but it also has a wide spread of clients – from car brands, to supermarkets, to movie makers.

TITLE: PR Intern

CURRENT MAJOR: Bachelor of Communications (Creative Writing)

AGREEMENT: Two full-time days (9AM or earlier – 5PM or later) for 3 months

REMUNERATION: Voluntary, but working with clients has heightened my connections massively.

HOW DID YOU FIND IT? Hidden Characters mostly has UTS Students because the output they broadcast their internship on is UTS Career Hub.


6AM – Wake up, lie in bed wondering why the sun hasn’t come up yet and if I have time to just lay back until first light. After 15 minutes, I get up and shower. Cake the face with make up because I tend to look like a dead or dying sloth, with the way my eyebags have puffed up from the hatred of the morning.

8AM – I’ve been on the bus for approximately 45 or 30 minutes. It’s always nice to see the sun come up, until it blinds me because, once again, I chose the window seat – why not? My stop was second, there’s always a nice seat for me.

8:30AM – By now the bus has come to Wynyard, or at least it will in another 10 minutes – there’s always that one bus driver that drives super slow. Cross the road, grab a Starbucks. First it was Matcha Lattes (iced and hot, both are nice), now it’s Chai Lattes. Venti, because I won’t have time to have a snack between now and lunch.

9AM – I still managed to get in 10 minutes early. I’m the first – or maybe the only – intern for the day. Time to get to work – media monitoring. Let’s see what our client’s movie titles have been doing – yup, there’s a review. Ooh, a scandal, another break in the box office. Black Panther’s still doing well, damn.

10AM – Shopping time. I go around spending the company’s money like it’s nothing – because I can, and they let me. A taxi to Town Hall? From Circular Quay? Okay then. Well, now I have to get something from East Gardens – what the hell, $60 for that trip? All for milk?

11AM – Nope, I’m back earlier than I expected. Next task – influencer research. Okay, but I don’t know anyone popular. How do people find influencers and ambassadors? I’m not popular enough to know people with 500K followers!

12PM – Is it time for lunch yet? Maybe I’ll just double check my e- well then, a whole new extra task list. More send outs and new minor pitches for movies I didn’t even know existed. Sigh.

1PM – Alright, let’s prep these send outs. Turns out there’s a lot more DVD winners than I expected. How do I do a mailing statement again? I’m way too anxious to ask how to do it – I should know from the first time. Thank God we save each one, at least I can copy off the previous ones. Pack the boxes and envelopes – oh, you want me to courier stuff too? Sure, sure, let me just pack 10 boxes like I’m in a sweat shop, no worries.

2PM – Answering a bunch of emails, sending a bunch more. Hey people, please take these DVD giveaways, don’t reject me, I’m just a nice little intern. Don’t give me email sass, I did NOT volunteer for your attitude. Now just put all the new info into the folder – nope, suddenly can’t access it apparently. Send help.

3PM – Competitor title research for this week to email to my mentor, let’s see… their campaigns are lame, I’ll be honest. Just interviews? Really? You could do so much better. Well, would you look at that though – a new Star Wars! Wait, what the heck? The Black Panther tech is now reality? Hit me up.

4PM – Usually by now I’ve finished what I needed to, and I’m just bludging the extra hour to look like I’m a good, busy child before I finally leave for Wynyard at 5. Now I’m thrown back to mimicking what I do at my second internship – typing a bunch of stuff with a serious, hard working face with my headphones in so no one can talk to me.

7PM – Am I home yet? No, try another half an hour. One of the many perks of all internships being in the city/CBD when you live in the Western Suburbs. Should I fall asleep? Probably could, considering I’m the last stop, but who knows what could happen.

9PM – Finally got home, had a shower, had dinner, and now have a little bit of time before bed. Watch a movie, maybe How to Train Your Dragon again? It gives me comfort, sue me. It’s either that, or Ghost Wars, which is getting incredibly screwed up with each episode. Or maybe I’ll just stick with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That works too.

10PM – In bed, scrolling through the notifications and social media feeds I have access to on my phone. Maybe sending my final messages and snapchats. Open the clock app, click the alarm for the next day – 6AM. Drop the phone beside my pillow, get comfortable snuggling up to another – because everyone needs love, mine just comes from a thick pillow and my own body heat. Out of my own paranoia, I recheck the alarm. Turn it off, turn it on. 7 hours and 48 minutes. I close my eyes. Tomorrow will be the same.

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