The Field Diaries: Vogue Magazine

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Vogue Magazine is based in Surry Hills along with Delicious Magazine, Vogue Living, The Daily Telegraph, GQ and many other publications in the NewsCorp building.

TITLE: Editorial Intern

CURRENT MAJOR DEGREE:  Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, majoring in French.

AGREEMENT:  Twice a week for six weeks, in the hopes of getting insight into the publishing industry, and being published. And I recently did!

REMUNERATION: Unpaid but getting insight into the publishing industry across online and print platforms.  

HOW DID YOU FIND THE INTERNSHIP? I received an email from a lecturer saying Vogue were looking for interns for six weeks, and had to send my resume and a written piece.


8.00am: I await for my train to take me to Central. Although I arrive 30 minutes early, I use my time to take the scenic route to explore the many eateries and fashion stores before signing into NewsCorp.

9.15: I have decided to take inspiration from Cinderella, but instead with a pair of long, black suede heeled boots, I stop just before the building… to walk in ready to look the part, ensuring my loafers are out of sight and looking forward to the spell being broken.

9.20: I have signed into NewsCorp, waiting for my supervisor. I make myself comfortable in the many chairs, ready to soak up all today’s news from the papers, occasionally glancing at my watch eager to start another day, hoping it is and is not like the Devil Wears Prada.

9:30am: With great power comes great responsibility, and also a confidence boost as I grab my day pass once my supervisor comes down to collect me. We chat about work, uni, family and life in general, as we take the stairs to the office, working our way through the maze of chairs and screens of GQ, Vogue Living and to greet my fellow workers. I then go and sit at my desk ready to send everyone an email to say I am in and ready to help them in any way I can.

9.45: I usually walk over to the editor-in-chief’s desk, and fill up her water bottle and rinse her glass. Near the desk is a vase full of vibrant but sophisticated flowers, that need their water changed daily.

10.00am: If I have not received an email from anyone as of yet, I visit to see what is being published about the fashion world be it about models, designers and their collections, or even about different artists and travels in the ‘Culture’ tab. After Emma Watson emphasised her goal for change in ethics in the fashion, Hollywood and just the world in general as a guest-editor in the March issue, many articles have been published of designers, models and many professionals; particularly women in male-dominated industries being noted as ‘Game Changers’. Otherwise, I would usually be assigned a transcript to complete from an interview that could have been conducted here, or across the globe with talent that ranges from models to swimsuit designers, to beauty editors to art curators to pilates instructors.

10:30am: Before commencing transcribing, I google the talent’s personal branding, and their businesses to give me more context into how they got where they got, and their passions. It also gives me context into any technical terms they may use to refer to fabrics or skincare techniques to make the transcribing experience easier. (How else was I supposed to know that actual ‘snow mushrooms’ are used in the Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation? When I heard ‘snow’, I thought I was being delusional!)

A couple of times when it has been someone’s birthday in the Vogue office, I have been given the task of heading down to the florist on Sussex Street to make up a bouquet. Specific instructions have been given about a colour scheme, foliage, colour paper to bind the bouquet and ribbon, with cash ready to go. I have my supervisor on standby to send her pictures about which flowers are in season, and what a bunch would potentially look like, and if she is happy with it. Walking into PS Floral Designs for me is like a peaceful dream, with a plethora of colours, shapes and textures.

11am: I am back. I am still transcribing about art curation in Italy, or a new innovation in swimwear, jumping from the audio, to the transcription, to Google, which is on standby when needed.

12pm: Still going with transcribing, eating at my desk as I go. Some transcripts have been 20 to 30 minutes, and one was nearly two hours! Every mumble, every slur, every strong accent and when people talk over one another is a challenge, but that is what is about. All it takes for you to hear it a few times you may get it, other times it needs a time stamp, so then the editor can have a listen later.

2pm: I would be either still working on the transcript, or have been given another one to start. At this time, I would be going out to have a walk around and stretch my legs.

2.30pm: I have come back, and continue my transcription, I may be summoned to do some general tidying, or sending parcels down to the mail room. When Vogue does mentions a company overseas, we need to send them a copy as a reference, and vice versa when they mentioned us.

4pm: As monotonous as it sounds, I am usually still transcribing at this point. My supervisor even apologised for the amount of transcripts I have done over the six weeks, there have been so many deadlines for the June issue!

5.15pm: I am starting to wrap up to finish at 5.30.

5.25pm: I am writing my end of day email, saying what I completed for the day, sending off my transcripts and completed work, then say goodbye to everyone, to come back another day.

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