The Field Diaries: WordStorm PR


WordStorm PR is a Surry Hills-based Public Relations company that has a large portfolio of clients across multiple industries.

TITLE: PR Intern

CURRENT MAJOR: Bachelor of Communications (Public Communication) and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

AGREEMENT: Two days a week for three months, from 9am to 5pm.




7.00AM - Alarm goes off and I wake up for the day. Usual morning routine. I put on a nice button-down shirt and black jeans, as the unwritten dress code seems to be smart casual.

8.15AM - I get the train to head into Central. Luckily, I was able to get a seat, so I just listened to some music while reading a novel (Neil Gaiman’s American Gods).

9.00AM - Pop into the office and start the day! A few of the ladies in the office had just wrapped up a yoga session, including my supervisor, so I just say "good morning" and get started. Normally, my supervisor would send me a list of things to do for the day, but she was occupied with yoga, so I get started on doing a trend report as that’s normally the first thing that I do every time I come in. The trend report involves me looking for any recent news articles related to our clients and their industry. For example, one of our clients focuses on animal welfare, so I would search for any recent news about animals and include them in the trend report. We have about seven different clients across different industries.

9.50AM - My supervisor sent me a list of things to do for the day while I was doing the trend report. My next task was looking for possible events that the staff could do. I wasn’t exactly sure on the specifics, so I just included events ranging from RSPCA Cupcake Day to some charity ball to Tough Mudder.

11.20AM - Next was looking for printing services that WordStorm PR could use to print off some booklets. However, a lot of the printing places required us to call them to get a quote, rather than list the prices online, so I informed my supervisor and she told me to move on in the meantime.

11.50AM - Now I was looking for influencers for one of our clients, Carrol Boyes. The client does homeware designs so the type of influencers that I was looking out for were people who focused on things like interior or home design. I just input everything into an Excel spreadsheet that the account manager can see and access.

12.40pm - One of the staff has just asked me to fill out a briefing, so I started on that. The briefing is for a client who is going to be interviewed by ABC Radio in Adelaide. In the briefing, I had to write about what the ABC Radio in Adelaide is all about, how many people listen in, their social media following, and a brief background on the actual interviewer. The account manager was in charge of providing possible questions that the interviewer could ask, as well as some key points that the client should include while on air.

1.00PM - Lunchtime!

2.00PM - I’m back, and my supervisor just wanted me to give her a list of printing services that she can then follow up on. So I began compiling a shortlist of possible printers, as well as offering some of my printing ideas

2.45PM - After finishing the previous task, my supervisor wanted me to find more events that they could do in the office such as wearing jeans on Jeans for Genes Day. After scouting around, some of the events that I found were ‘Odd Socks Day’ and ‘Loud Shirt Day’, which were perfect ‘office events’.

3.30PM - After completing that, I resumed looking for more influencers for Carrol Boyes. I had to find the influencers’ websites, the owner, the Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as how many followers they have, and their LinkedIn profiles. It is a bit tedious but very straightforward.

5.00PM - And that’s a wrap! I send over my end of day report, which includes everything that I did for the day, and then head back home.

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