The Lowdown: The Best Places To Go This Weekend

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Not sure what to do with yourself during your downtime this week? Don’t worry, Inasha Iftekhar has you covered. She’s got cute outing ideas at various price points so you can make the most of your time and money.

As a wise person once said, “the UTS tower building is like Sydney’s giant middle finger to the rest of the world,” and with the end of the second week of classes already upon us, I can’t think of anything I agree with more. But don’t worry, as the week comes to a close and you’re scrambling for ideas on how to spend your precious time away from the mighty finger tower, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to feel alive before having to start the grind all over again.

Image courtesy of UTSoC & Michelle Xu. 

Image courtesy of UTSoC & Michelle Xu. 


This Thursday (22 March 2018), there really is no other place to be. UTSoC’s Welcome Back Drinks is guaranteed to be a place where guests will meet great people, hang out in a cute and chill setting with a nice little bar tab ready for you to take advantage of at the student-friendly price of just $5 (if you’re a UTSoC member).

So kick off your weekend and semester strong with a few drinks alongside your fellow peers. You might even find someone to skip lectures with, all for just five dollarydoos!

Not a UTSoC member? Sign up here.


Nothing makes a beach day like a bag of goon right? No? Just me? Ok, cool. Well the guys at Fizz Fellas have classed up the experience with an italian wine dispensary van delivering bottomless prosecco and Tinto De Verano which is, “the original ‘Sangria’ of Spain, drunk by locals, not tourists” at the Firefly Bar for $35  per person.

So grab some friends and have fun drinking (RESPONSIBLY), kids!

Ok let’s reel it back to some family-friendly and more importantly, food-focused events. It’s no secret that the Sydney Royal Easter Show is basically a foodie’s playground. One of the wildest things that they offer is a doffle, which is also one of the wildest things I’ve ever heard of. Ever. A doffle, apparently, is a mix between a donut and a waffle, and when I heard that I honestly clutched my sweet tooth in fear. Of course there’s also your regular donuts filled with shots of nutella at Sweet Treats, fairy floss with a twist at Fluffy Crunch, a place called Waffleland and Art of Gelato Michelangelo.

Do not fear, for there’s also stuff for our weird savory-loving friends; The Schnitzel Theatre is out there combining performance and food, the Bianco Kitchen has combined spaghetti and burgers if you’re into that, and Mr Tortilla has… you guessed it, tortillas! Go down there and spend your day with a lot of food trucks, animals and rides - what’s not to like? Grab your early bird tickets here by the 22 March 2018 for $22.


The Carriageworks has some great exhibitions going on at the moment, such as the showcase of the work of Katharina Grosse, which takes on the large space of the Carriageworks and explores it through metres of fabric, knots and spray paint. Guests can also look forward to a collection of compositions for the 21st Biennale of Sydney,  which aims to reach a state of ‘equilibrium’ while maintaining a focus on individual and community engagement. Access to both exhibits are free, and if you come by at 11:30am on Saturdays and Wednesday you’ll get a free 45-minute tour of the 21st Biennale of Sydney, so swing by and get cultured.

Yoga for the body and wine for the soul is the perfect pairing for your Saturday afternoon, with Handpicked Wines providing your much-needed spiritual experience for $35, from 11:30am - 1:00pm. Book your class in ASAP, and get to loosening those joints and muscles while awakening those taste buds from the dredge of classes and responsibilities.

While you guys are all stars, it’s never a bad idea to get to know a little bit about the ones that twinkle above your head every night. Since the moon is in its first quarter phase, Raelene Sommer of Western Sydney University Penrith will be covering a presentation on the moon, including a little 3D movie action and tour of the dome, as well as a chance to look through the telescopes. Tickets are $12, so grab the shining stars in your life and go explore the sky with them.


The weather for Sunday is looking steamy, so what’s better than a day by the beach with a quality gang and a free BBQ? UTS Intents is holding their cute gatho at Coogee Beach at 12pm, proving that the only way to spend a hot and lazy Sunday is with a good sausage sizzle by the sea.

I’m keeping you guys real hydrated this week! I think the event title for this one is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just get to the nitty gritty with this one; it’s a five-course banquet with unlimited sangria for two hours and takes place from 12pm - 5pm at Rock Salt Tapas for $58 per person.

While this one is definitely on the pricier side, there’d be no chance of going home hungry or thirsty and if you go between 2pm and 5pm, you’ll be treated to some smooth live music to round off your week and the overall experience of the venue.

Inasha Iftekhar is a second-year Journalism/International Studies (Argentina) student at UTS. She spends ungodly hours of the night awake for no apparent reason, and will always appreciate a good old school R’n’B playlist to get her through the week.