The Lowdown: Uni Experiences You’d be Crazy to Miss


New to the uni experience, or just feeling like you haven’t been able to make the most of your time here yet? Well, Inasha Iftekhar is here to kick-start your journey with a list of unmissable uni experiences.

Source:  Cordelia Hsu , 2018

Source: Cordelia Hsu, 2018

As much as uni work can be draining, the experience can also truly be one that’s once in a lifetime. But it’s really easy to feel like you haven’t made the most of your time here yet; especially with events like Summerfest, Welcome Back Drinks, BSOC’s Frat Party and UTSoC’s The Hunt having past already. Well, that’s where this list of goodies comes in; ready to guide your poor soul back to student livelihood, one event at a time.

UTSoC’s End of Sem Party

UTSoC will be debuting its first end of semester party on June 8th; while details remain pretty hush hush at this moment in time, let’s just say there’s a reason it’s first on the list. The event will be the perfect way to say good-bye to your textbooks and hello to some hard earned freedom, setting the tone for the weeks to come. And if that isn’t good enough, all the profits from the event are being donated to Twenty10, a charity dedicated to helping LGBTQIA+ youth.

Source:  UTSoC , 2018

Source: UTSoC, 2018


Missed Summerfest? Well don’t stress! Activate UTS has got you covered with another killer party welcoming the season. You’ve got some time to build your alcohol tolerance for this one since it’s all the way in August! Just kidding, please be responsible and keep an eye out for this one so you can grab your tickets and save the date.

Source:  Activate UTS , 2017

Source: Activate UTS, 2017

Inter-Club Olympics

Blood, sweat and tears sums up the Inter-Club Olympics pretty well if I’m honest. Whether you’re participating or just an innocent observer, trust there will be fluids flowing of some sort. If you consider yourself a little bit of an Olympian or just keen to make some memories (and maybe a few friends), then this is is definitely the event for you. So train hard, and see you this September; no pressure but UTSoC is the current reigning champion.

Faculty Balls

Get dressed to the nines and bust out those dancing shoes people, because balls are coming! Fancy yourself a little soiree in a ballgown or tux? Well, UTS has you covered with a range of societies throwing balls. Known for the deliciously tiny meals, endless bubbly, and enough photo ops for everyone to get a new DP out of. UTSoC’s 2017 Ball, was an enchanted evening, and was truly one to remember, so be sure to attend our 2018 edition! (Hint: it will be in October).

Image credit: KJ - Candid Vision

Image credit: KJ - Candid Vision

Inter-Faculty/Faculty Cruises

Being on a boat full of drunk uni kids all trying to forget the fact that they are in fact uni kids, is an experience no one should miss. Most societies will have a cruise at one point in the year, in fact, LSS just had one last week! So keep your eyes open and make sure to get on board.

Free Food Events

This is really quite self-explanatory, it’s free and it’s food so… All I can really say is if there’s two club memberships you need to have, it’s with UTSoC and The Food Society. Events coming up soon include International Food Day and the Big Summer BBQ.

Source:   ActivateSocial , 2018

Source: ActivateSocial, 2018

That’s just a few things out there to really bring your uni experience to the next level, but hopefully you find something in there for you. If you find yourself in a place where you’re struggling with your uni work/life balance, UTS offers amazing services to give you a hand in getting through it all both online and on-campus. Click here to give it a quick look.

Inasha Iftekhar is a second-year Journalism/International Studies (Argentina) student at UTS. She spends ungodly hours of the night awake for no apparent reason, and will always appreciate a good old school R’n’B playlist to get her through the week.