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Have you kissed a few frogs and been on some questionable dates that are worthy of getting their very own article? Is there really such a thing as the perfect date? Esther Hannan-Moon will take you through the ideal date and if it exists.


Whether you’re currently in a relationship with someone, if you’re single and ready to mingle or if you’ve been mingling for quite sometime now and ready to throw in the towel, you’ve probably got some stories to tell. If you fall into the boat of having never experienced an ideal date, then hang on, I’m about to give you some hope. If you have, then let’s reminisce together, because I have had my ideal date and I didn’t even know it until the end of the night!

At the very least an ideal date should make you happy and eager for more. This isn’t to say it must be a romantic date, it’s whatever you think would be the best way to spend your time with another person that you like (maybe even like-like).


Don’t put pressure on the date to go a certain way, it will only lead to disappoint if your sunset on the beach gets rained out. You might even miss an alternative great moment. Instead go with the flow and enjoy the moments, because the ideal date could be something entirely different to how you have it painting in your head. You’re not in a romance novel, so I’m sorry to say that things aren’t going to pan out the same. If you have had a romance novel experience well ding-ding you win!

Image Credit: Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

 My first date with my boyfriend was doing a dance class, and then dancing under fairy lights late into the night (I know ding-ding for me). I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my romantic, sappy thoughts take over. It was until half way through our dancing that I realised I was having what I still consider to be a perfect date. No expectation, all good times.


I’ve had an ideal date before and it was perfect because it felt like me. Not only that, but my boyfriend also loved it. It’s all about what you consider to be right for you. Maybe you like the idea of dinner and a movie, or a fancy restaurant, a picnic under the stars (that’s on my To Do Date List) or maybe it’s getting comfy on the couch and binge watching your favourite show as a couple or soon-to-be-couple. Either way the experience needs to feel like you as well as the feeling of the relationship (if you’re in one, otherwise this date could set the mood for your future endeavours together).

People, People, People!

Frogs. Yep, kissing the frog, sitting next to the frog in the cinema, eating with the frog (maybe even paying for everything the frog orders, including their movie ticket and popcorn) and finally running the other way when the frog invites you back to their place. The person you have the date with matters! In fact, I would say it matters the most. If you’re with the right person, the one that makes you the best version of yourself, the person makes your smile reach your ears, that person can make any date into an ideal date.

Image Credit: Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

Let me show you. Valentine’s Day (I know bear with me here), my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a secluded beach. However, the twist was we were going to have fish and chips on a two-person inflatable out on the water. We ended up almost being swept out to sea and had to swim back to shore with the inflatable. Eventually we found a beach pool that had walls, so we could have lunch on the water with the peace of mind knowing we won’t end up in New Zealand. It was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had, because the whole time I was with my boyfriend.

 And the ideal date is….?

The answer is there isn’t one, but there is. The ideal date is without the expectations of it being perfect, comforting for you and your partner and most importantly will come along when you’re with the person that’s best for you. So, there isn’t just one ideal date, there are a multiverse of ideal dates because they vary from person to person and couple to couple.

Esther Hannan-Moon is a second year UTS student studying Creative Writing for her Communications Degree. She wants to start a career in publishing and writing. She adores animals, especially baby echidnas called puggles.