The Truth about Veganism

Veganism seems to be a hot topic, but there are some misconceptions that need to be addressed. Sevin Pakbaz debunks the common myths surrounding this lifestyle.

I’m proud to say I'm about to hit the four-year mark as a vegan. It has been one hell of a ride, but I would not take any of it back. Yet as many vegans know, going and staying vegan is not easy - but funnily enough, the change in diet has nothing to do with the level of difficulty; it’s the people. I have suffered through the most stupidest questions (is rice vegan?) to the least thought-out statements (but… like plants have feelings too right?). Whatever it is, I have heard it all. Now I want to pass on my vegan wisdom (visdom, anyone?) to the masses, and debunk the most famous myths and assumptions about this lifestyle. 

It’s hella expensive

Yeah sweetie, if you keeping buying fake meats and soy chai lattes, your bank balance won’t look too great. But if you buy wholesome plant-based foods such as oats, rice, potatoes, lentils, pasta and fresh produce, and then meal prep, you’ll be saving dollars and indulging yourself like a true queen. Try to buy local and in bulk, to maximise your savings. And don’t worry about treating yourself to that expensive piece of vegan cake once in a while - you’ve earned it.

You get protein deficiency

It’s very hard to get a protein deficiency even as a vegan, especially if you are eating three nutritious meals a day. Guidelines issued by governments will tend to advise a daily intake of around 55 grams for an adult, which is not that hard to achieve if you are maintaining a vegan diet. If you think about it, in a vegan diet, you are just simply eliminating all animal products off your meal, so you still have a large variety of foods to choose from to replace these. If you are doubting yourself, write a list of vegan proteins you like and include these in your meals. Some popular vegan proteins include peanut butter, broccoli, quinoa, beans, hummus and lentils.

Vegan foods don't have flavour

If you think vegan food is bland, you need to get your tastebuds (and reality) checked. In fact, because we are so used to preservatives and artificial flavours, we are never satisfied with genuine flavours that come from plant-based foods. But with time, your taste changes and you'll eventually acquire taste of that broccoli that you once hated so much before. Plus, onions, garlic, ginger and chilli are all vegan - so there's that. 

What about bacon?

Yeah so does human flesh… apparently. All sass aside, if you have the ability to stop supporting suffering and inhumane treatment of animals, I’d encourage you to do it. Don’t let taste or minor inconveniences stop you - because realistically, being vegan isn’t that hard to enforce.  Being vegan doesn’t put you on a moral high horse, and from experience, I do feel like I am making a positive change in the world. For me, I have saved 6,079,294 litres of water, 1460 animals, and 26,426 kilograms of grain.  If you want physical evidence of how much change you have made, hop onto vegan calculator and see for yourself. 

Sevin Pakbaz is a second-year Journalism and Law student, who loves to blow her money on expensive vegan waffles. Her strange obsession with true crime documentaries and star signs keeps her occupied when she should be catching up on uni.