The ultimate uni bucket list

Who says the only bucket list deadline is death?

We’ve all heard that magical proverb: our uni years are supposed to be the best years of our young lives. Yet, a lot of us – and undoubtedly, myself – end up starting uni life quite timidly, slowly testing the waters of all the new and exciting things that become available to us. Here are some ways you can cannonball straight into the sea with ten things uni students should do before you don your gown and cap.

Join a club or society

Attending UTS O’Day is almost like an initiation into uni life. With clubs and societies spanning from faculty-specific, to culture, sport, theatre, religion, and even Quidditch, the sea of stalls and freebies is a great way to find your footing and ignite new interests before you hit the books. Sign up for clubs and societies here.

Attend an educational talk

If you’re someone who’s hunger for knowledge has no bounds, then attending an educational talk is a fun way to learn beyond your course curriculum without spending time reading more academic journals or clicking on the next Crash Course video. UTS holds lots of these events throughout the year, which cater to all degrees and usually feature engaging professionals and speakers across many industries. The best part? Most of them are free! You’ll get an email from your tutors and lecturers with details on talks that are perfect for you and your degree.

Go on a trip

Go on a day trip. Go on a road trip. Go to another state or another country. Go exploring in a new suburb. Go on the weekend. Go during StuVac. Go with your mates. Go on your own. Just go somewhere! Let’s face it; uni is exhausting, so breaking out of your daily routine and calling time-out on hiding in your uni bubble is essential for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as a hard-working student.

Find your uni ‘soulmate’

Like any soulmate, you’ll know straight away. Maybe you’re both doing the same double degree. Maybe they offered to shout you a UniBros pide. Or maybe uni has even strengthened a friendship you’ve had since high school. No matter the meeting circumstances, they’ll be the one you complain to as you chug a large coffee while you finish an assignment that’s due in ten minutes.


From becoming a part of the UTS Peer Network, to local and international non-profit organisations, volunteering is a fulfilling way to spend your time, especially if your course has few contact hours. With volunteer activities both on the ground and behind the scenes it’s easy to find volunteer work that suits your needs and passions.

Buy a uni hoodie

I mean, did you even go to uni if you don’t have a wearable accessory to show for it? Not only are they oh-so warm, they serve as a nice and simple souvenir from your time at uni that won’t be collecting dust on a shelf, or stashed away in a box once you move out. It also feels like the best fabric to wrap yourself in while you’re still recovering from that pub crawl headache.

Do an internship

If you’re not required to do an internship as part of your degree, do one anyway! Not only is it one of the best ways to up-skill and gain experience while you’re studying, the practical tasks you will undertake can also help with narrowing down the career path you want to take. Internships are on offer all-year round across multiple disciplines, so if your Autumn and Spring session is packed with uni and work, summer is the best way to go!

Zerene Catacutan is a second-year Communications student, majoring in Creative Writing and Social and Political Sciences. When her head isn’t rolling in a confusing concoction of short stories and journal articles, you’ll usually find her hopping between every museum in Sydney or trying not to impulse-buy a mountain of books from Kinokuniya.