The Universe According to Izzy: Venus Signs

Izzy Stackpool takes you through the astrological meaning behind your attractions and desires.

Welcome back to ‘The Universe According to Izzy’! The place to be for decoding your personality, one element of the zodiac at a time. I have previously touched on obtaining your own natal chart, as well as breaking down you moon, rising and mercury sign so definitely check that out.

Moving right along to the next portion of the birth chart, we have Venus signs! Venus is known as the planet of love and beauty, and your sign relates to whatever zodiac it was in at the time of your birth. Fun fact, your Venus will never be more than two signs from your main sun zodiac.


The energy of your Venus sign reveals a lot about your romantic desires and your needs when it comes to a partner or love life. Are you an outgoing flirt, or do you prefer a slow-burn? All about the independence, or are you smitten after a first date? Let’s find out…


Venus in Aries means you are a fiery and passionate lover. Assertive in every way, Aries won’t settle for anything less than an overwhelming attraction. On the flipside, you are no stranger to ‘love at first sight’ and have been known to get in over your head more than once.

A Venus in Taurus makes you a hopeless romantic to the core. Your style is slow but detailed, and you will dote on your partners every need. Your special someone meshing well with your everyday life and environment is very important to you.

With a Venus in Gemini there is a good chance that you are the flirt of your friends. You’ve got game, and they key to a successful relationship is maintaining variety in order to stay interested. The classic duality of Gemini may also shine through, leaving you a bit hot and cold at times.


People with a Cancer Venus are ultra-caring. While your immediate response may be to put up an outer shell, once that is cracked a Cancer Venus goes all in with their love. Highly emotional, they risk letting fear of rejection hold them back. Definitely believes in ‘The One’.


A Leo Venus is passionate in love and is an extravagant and fiery partner. When flirting, they really know how to work the room and catch some eyes. They’re big on PDA and grand gestures. Biggest no-no in a relationship is being ignored. 


A Venus in Virgo aligns with the classic Virgo notion of practicality. They don’t fall for anything cheesy or cliché and are especially attracted to intelligence. They seek a partner of noble character and would always rather have no one than the wrong one.


Individuals with their Venus in Libra delight in every stage of a relationship, from a first date to the full-blown white wedding. They crave an instant chemistry and are ultimately a sucker for traditional romance. Think roses, poems, chocolate and the like.  Definitely believes in happily ever after.


Scorpio’s are known to be soulful and intense. With a Venus in Scorpio your love life is no different. They’re not into casual dating, and will become deeply invested in one person, wanting to find out absolutely everything about them. A Scorpio Venus will find it hard to be vulnerable and can take a long time to trust.


Someone with a Sagittarius Venus needs a partner (or partners!) who are willing to be adventurous, as they’re all about growth and learning. Their love language is laughter, and they love when travel is involved with romance. A Sagittarius Venus will also fight hard to not lose their identity or independence within a relationship. 


A Venus in Capricorn will always be sensible and play the long game, as they see relationships as an investment. Both the realist and romantic, they’re looking for a partner who wants to build something stable and lasting. Nabbing yourself a Capricorn Venus can be quite tricky as they have a strict list of boxes that must be ticked.


An Aquarius Venus can be described as unconventional and is a lover of anything quirky and different. The thing they look for most is a beautiful mind and someone who thinks outside of the box. Super experimental on dates and loves to try new things.


A Venus in Pisces loves some good old-fashioned romance. They’re a bit sappy, and want to connect with a partner over shared values and interests. They’re great at meaningful gift giving and definitely enjoy receiving one in return. They also gave a knack for drawing people in and don’t always realise they’re flirting.

Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Stackpool is in her third year of uni, double majoring in journalism and PR. She has a passion for travel, sushi and Harry Potter.