Uni Life – You asked, We’ve Answered: Getting through the Mid-Semester Block


Are you having severe writer’s block? Over- (or under-) caffeinating? Wanting to grow closer with that special someone? Never fear, Stephanie Luong is here with all the answers to all your dire questions for the middle of the semester.

Welcome to STUVAC!

Is it just me? Or has the semester flown by?

Take comfort in knowing that the semester is almost over, and with it, the ever-growing fear of final assessments will soon perish too. This week’s article is all about getting through that mid-semester slump, and turning those Ps into HDs! (No guarantees about these HDs, kiddos, my apologies).

1.     “Top tips for writer’s block, or trying to come up with a creative concept or story?”

I’ve found that the best cure for writer’s block is to do the exact opposite – that is, not write! The saying, ‘diamonds are formed under pressure’, in my opinion, is usually untrue, and it puts your body under tremendous stress and usually leads to poor choices – pulling all-nighters and excessive caffeine.

My first tip would be to leave yourself ample time to brainstorm ideas. The second, go exploring! Experience everything that Sydney has to offer. Take photos of your explorations, talk to new people and write about your experiences. My inspiration strikes when I least expect it to. 


2.     “How much coffee do I need?”

The answer to this follows up from my previous one. Excessive consumption of caffeine can have negative effects on your wellbeing. That pounding headache after three cups of coffee should be deterrence enough. Everyone reacts to caffeine differently so take care with your caffeine intake – but up to four cups of coffee appears to be safe for most healthy adults.


3.     “How do you get on a first name basis with lecturers?”

One of my lecturers in my first year regularly joked about the “sea of MacBooks” that faced her at every lecture. This means that lecturers don’t get to see your face and they don’t know you.  

Do you remember those awkward moments when your lecturer would ask a question to the enormous student body, just to be greeted with overwhelming silence?

That’s your moment to shine! I know that it can be even more intimidating to speak in front of everyone in a tutorial, let alone a lecture – but these few individuals are the ones that lecturers will remember. Let them see you and know you are as engaged as they are. Plus, the sea of MacBooks most likely won’t be paying attention to you anyway.

If you’re extra keen, catch up with them after the lecture! Let them know you enjoyed it, that you had some thoughts about it, and I’m sure it’ll make their day.


Every fortnight on The Comma, I will be making the stress of university life slightly better by answering any questions you have, so send them through to the Google Form!

Stephanie Luong is a second year combined Law/Communications (Social and Political Sciences) student and is most likely asleep right now, or at any given moment really.