Uni Life: You Asked, We've Answered - Living the student experience and life after being a student


Always looking for somewhere to charge your phone? Trying to flex those networking muscles? Getting your life into formation, Beyoncé style? Stephanie Luong answers your questions on how to survive university and life in general.

Welcome to another instalment of Uni Life!

 At this point in the semester, you are probably experiencing an assessment overload, deadline crises and perhaps a touch of an existential crisis to top it off. This week will prepare you for the coming weeks of gruelling study, and provide you with some sources of solace on campus, and after the semester ends.


1.     “Are there any places on campus that provide charging cords if we’ve forgotten ours?”

Yes! UTS Library provides charge bars with iPhone, Micro USB and Type C compatible charging ports at the following locations:

  • Level 2 – outside the Print and Copy Room
  • Level 3 – Learning Commons area
  • Level 4 – China Library
  • Level 5 – Look on your left once you exit the staircase
  • Level 5 – Researcher’s Centre

I know we all hate the walk to the Powerhouse Museum, but there is a charging station inside the Junction Café to ensure you have sufficient battery life to survive your lecture. Although, I’m sure that you’ll be actively taking notes and not scrolling through Facebook for memes during your lecture… right?

Still having difficulty connecting to that dodgy Powerhouse Wi-Fi? Here is everything you need to know to set up Eduroam for your device.

2.     “What's the easiest way to get previous student notes?”

The secret to getting past student notes is to befriend previous students of your course. Join UTSoC’s The Hunt and embrace everything Star Wars-related, or come dressed to the nines for the UTSoC and UTS LSS IP Law & Creative Industries Evening!

Both of these events will allow you to branch out and get to know students who have either completed your course or are in the years above you, and who can offer you much-needed guidance. Impress them with a Chewbacca costume at The Hunt, or your confident networking skills at the IP Law & Creative Industries Evening to score serious brownie points! And maybe their previous notes – if you’re lucky.

But, if you’re in desperate need of some notes and have some cash to spare, head over to StudentVIP.

3.     “How do I save up to travel without a steady job and succeed in life with crappy marks and no experience?”

For me, this epitomises the university life experience, so, take some comfort in knowing that this is the common consensus among all students – you’re not alone. But here are some tips on how to take control of your finances, overcome procrastination and maybe get a job in your field.

From my experience, all of these things take time, and perhaps you may not get the job on the first interview. There is always something to learn from ‘failure’, and it’ll make you an even stronger candidate in the next interview.

Stay tuned! I have a feeling that a travel-dedicated article will be appearing on The Comma shortly.


Every fortnight on The Comma, I will be making the stress of university life slightly better by answering any questions you have, so send them through to the Google Form!

Stephanie Luong is a second-year combined Law/Communications (Social and Political Sciences) student, who is most likely asleep right now, or at any given moment really.