Your UTS Drinking Guide

Source:   Love Dublin

Source: Love Dublin

Need to wind down? Have a drink! Natasha Nand has got the inside scoop for the top places to go to if you’re sick of The Underground and The Loft.

Note: Prices range from $ - $$$$

Drinks are good with friends, on a date, and even among family. They often help kick start  a night of adventure and great memories that you won’t forget, or might even just be a nice way to wind down after a long day. Whatever the occasion, this is the list for you to find that special place to have some fun.

The Old Clare Hotel – 3/5; $$

Want to buy your friends a round without breaking the bank?  Then The Old Clare Hotel is definitely the place for you. Located right across the road from our gracious Tower Building; this little bar is just the place to  come by with some friends to have a casual AND cheap hang, so you can maintain your budget and still have a good time. Be warned this place has minimal couches and isn’t exactly the most insta-ready location, but can be overlooked due to their super cheap shots.

Side Bar – 3.5/5, $$

Well-known for its monthly Latina night, its Tuesday Trivia nights and Wednesday Hip Hop parties, Side Bar is a two-minute walk from UTS as well as Central Station, with a generous happy hour from 4 – 7 PM. This l space is great for groups big or small, and you won’t lose anyone either since it’s just one big room with a bar in the middle. It’s just the place for you to wind down after class, and safely stumble right in to Central Station and be on your way home!

Lansdowne Hotel – 4/5, $$

Landsdowne Hotel is located just past Broadway mall at the street lights, smack bang in between UTS and USYD; making it a popular spot among students so be ready to see some familiar faces. It has a great vibe with lively music, cheap drinks, and a spacious area with back-door access to the roof – you might even be lucky enough to swing by during a live performance!

Goros Karaoke Bar – 4.5/5, $

It’s never a bad time to have a little boogie before heading home, to help dance away your worries. Newly renovated Goros is just  two streets away from Central Station on the Surry Hill side. Not only will you find some delicious Japanese-inspired drinks such as it’s famous alcoholic bubble tea, but you also get free karaoke! Each person needs to buy a drink first, but that’s what we’re here for, right?

The Wild Rover – 4.5/5, $$$

The Wild Rover is a little hidden bar near Elizabeth Street well-known among the locals. This one is a bit of a walk and a little bit Irish, but it’s known to be a great place to wind down with the squad, and could even measure up for a date, in which case I’d recommend the oysters *wink, wink*

Sometimes taking the  time out of your day to relax and explore the city for a while is exactly what you need. So if you find yourself wanting to get out of the house and take to the streets for a night out with friends, or to make some memories; these spots are definitely worth checking out. And most importantly, remember to drink responsibly kiddos.

Natasha Nand is a second-year Communications (Creative Writing) student and has interned with Sydney Community College and with Hidden Characters.