Want to make uni friends? Then there’s only one thing to do

Image credit: Cordelia Hsu, First Year Camp 2018

Image credit: Cordelia Hsu, First Year Camp 2018

First year camp is basically a guaranteed way to make life-long friends at uni, Alex Turner-Cohen explains.

How does the old saying go again? “True friendship comes without a price tag.”

When it comes to uni first year camps, I couldn’t agree more.

The UTS Society of Communications (UTSoC) camp costs around $250 this year. Maybe that money took 12 hours to earn (or even longer if you have a really shitt-ily paid job). But at the end of the day what’s a few hundred bucks compared to a solid group (or groups) of uni friends?

There are other ways to make friends at uni, granted. Believe me, I tried them all when I was a fresh-faced firstie. I had drinks with my tutorial and lecture pals, played social sports and found study buddies. But the majority (if not all) of my friendships that lasted came out of a single, action-packed weekend — UTSoC camp.

Here’s a scary fact – the majority of people make most or all of their uni friends WITHIN THE FIRST SIX WEEKS. That means it’s super important you meet as many people as possible within this time frame.

First year camp is an easy, less awkward, and essentially guaranteed way to meet people.

It’s an easy, effortless way to meet people

Are you sick of making the effort? Have you been trying to organise something with uni classmates, but it never seems to work out? Well, by attending UTSoC’s camp, all that hard work is taken out of your hands. You don’t have to fret about looking desperate by messaging someone, or organising an event that’s a complete flop. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the time away.

Less awkward than other encounters

Camp is a less awkward way to meet people than most other instances. You basically have activities on all the time, whether that be scavenger hunts, card games and bonfires. That means there’s a much smaller chance of those long, awkward silences that everyone comes to know well in their first few weeks of uni. 

The best part is that everyone has come on camp to make friends. Everyone is super friendly. Especially once the alcohol comes out.

Friends are basically guaranteed

Friendship is all about shared experiences. And what better way to share an experience by going on a camp together?

So if you want to make friends, then I can’t emphasise this enough: buying your camp ticket is the only thing you need to do.

Alex Turner-Cohen is a second-year Journalism student. She is an aspiring novelist, who loves being right and has two pugs called Coco and Cino.