Winter (School) Is Coming


The roar of icy wind shuttles down Broadway towards the Tower, a wonder made by people – it stands as a testament of how far we have come. May is drawing to a close and the air has become too cold for the people to think. So they travel home for these months, to the warm embrace of a blanket and a Netflix account. They leave the Tower empty, the tables bare and the books untouched.


As June passes, some students lay waiting.

They know what the North knows.

We know that Winter is coming.  


And for us, that means Winter school.

And for a few of us, that means BCII.


I don’t know why I feel like we need to answer for ourselves, but I encounter a lot of confusion surrounding this new degree. I’m going to try and tackle the who, what, when, where and why of BCII.

Those in the know are pretty passionate about the whole affair, but to the untrained ear thebachelorofcreativeintelligenceandinnovation makes just as much sense as Dothraki or High Valyrian. 


We’re navigating uncharted territory here, we’re well beyond the wall. So please excuse us if we’re struggling to sum up our degree in one sentence… its an evolving definition but I’ll give it a crack.

BCII stands for the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, a course that can combine with any degree across any UTS faculty. For the moment, it runs exclusively in the Winter and Summer schools - examining the methods and philosophies behind each of the faculties and their disciplines.

As Buzzfeed and Business Insider love to tell the masses, entrepreneurial

visionaries like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all succeeded as uni-drop outs. With massive room for error and global issues becoming increasingly complex, UTS decided to find some method to the madness…so BCII was born.


On any given day, we could work with teachers from design, business and engineering to law, communications, health or science. If you hate group work, close your eyes now - but all of our subjects are shaped around interdisciplinary teamwork, collaborating with minds from across the uni.

And its actually the best thing ever. During semester, you’ll probably only get to work with comms kids and its hard when you’ve all got similar talents for writing – its hard to stand out. But during BCII, we get to work in diverse teams of students from a range of degrees. Suddenly, your talents become pretty clear and for the first time – you feel useful.  

As winter rages on outside, within the walls of the Cheese-Grater temperatures are soaring, the pressure is on and the heat is up. With no exams, no breaks, BCII is a two week intensive hot-house for collaborating with students and lectures from across the university to conquer real-world briefs in real time. In 2014, our teams have received briefs and presented solutions to clients such as the ABC, the Hallway and the City of Sydney council and Google.
Yes Google.


It is very easy for a human to become afraid of the future, become obsessed with the uncertainty and latch what’s known. They love to walk the halls of sandstone castles, getting lost in books or finding comfort in tradition.

But my time studying BCII has had the opposite effect. I’ve fallen in love with the thought that the future is so unknown - I cherish the vast view from beyond the wall. I believe that uncertainty equates to more possibilities for us to positively impact the world around us. There’s room for change. Our storylines have not yet been written for us, we hold the pen and we can turn the page.

This is just the first chapter in an epic journey rivaled only by George R. R. Martin. So in the dead silence of the holidays, in the empty Tower, through the cold hallways we’re growing creatively confident and something special is simmering away.

Just don’t ask us how relaxing our holidays were.


By Dominica Ingui