WordLy Reflections with Georgio Platias

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Image credit: Unsplash

Resident wordsmith and poet Georgio Platias paints vivid, delicate pictures with his poetry.

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Image credit: Unsplash

Grow older

In time, perhaps

 – wiser too

Become music, your song the soundtrack of life

Move in great spaces, create safe places,

To seek refuge

Warmth, when the tempest grows too strong.

Courage when bravery falls.

Voice, when shadows make no sound.


Far, and beyond

Across foggy bridges

To find flesh in lands of lost hope

As the highway lights smile with good intention,

And the cafes clothe the neglected 

In their shrunken skin.


Where the music is loud, amongst silent scenes,

Gone for now – not forever.

Darkness births light.

Charging new moments in their purpose.

So be not afraid, dance! And sing!

We will realise the glare of the world,

As we hold it in our hands.


Journey to this place of living


Be made anew – in this form or another.

/ / /

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

Cash sings whilst a new day brings forgiveness.

This morning, guitar led melodies and 

A coarse voice – whiskey and cigarettes.

A loved verse to bind the night, with her,

New words that bring us close,

A midnight of hallows, dreams of a magic unreal,

Hands run like rivers – 

These rivers never break.

Georgio Platias is a third-year Communications (Journalism)/Law student. He loves to talk all things life, politics and philosophy. You can usually find him with either an iced mocha or glass of whiskey in the gaps of studying, reading or writing something.