Why you need to be at Winterfest 2018


It feels like the cold clutches of winter have held on for a lifetime, leaving us all with an intense case of winter blues. But I’m here to tell you ActivateUTS has just the thing to pull you out of your blankets and into a good time. Winterfest 2018 will feature UTS’ biggest silent disco to date, and if that’s not enough, they’ve also got an unmissable lineup up at The Loft.

If you haven’t yet experienced a silent disco, then let me tell you it’s kind of surreal. You pop on these headphones that light up in various colours, and the next thing you know, you've been transported to a pulsing nightclub, and everyone around you seems to be feeling the same urgency to dance as you are. But the second you take those headphones off, you're standing in a quiet room full of weirdos all dancing to a beat you can't hear. Sounds like a pretty good deal for only $10.

I'm not saying that I consider myself to be some all-knowing muso, but I think we all know a good beat when we hear one. DJ Emalia Jane, Ebony Boadu and Slave are all professionals at not only bringing the beats, but mixing the tracks you need for a good night. Slave is a master at house and electro pop, and DJ Emalia Jane and Ebony Boadu bring only the best R’n’B and Hip Hop. Being a strong lover of the latter, all I can say is that they have made a strong impact on my Spotify playlists. 

Activate's Winterfest 2018 is on Friday 10 August 2018 from 7pm to 1am, and at just $10 a ticket, it's not something to say no to. It's the perfect event for you to relax, let your hair down and enjoy yourself - in fact, it might be the last guilt-free jamboree before the assessments and pressure of Semester Two start rolling in. 

Inasha Iftekhar is a second-year Journalism/International Studies (Argentina) student at UTS. She spends ungodly hours of the night awake for no apparent reason, and will always appreciate a good old school R’n’B playlist to get her through the week.